Be nice to Everyone Please? 5 Coworking Etiquettes you must follow

Coworking is a relatively new concept in India and is still finding its exact definition here. Different cities, spaces and ecosystems have different coworking cultures. However, the basic etiquettes remain the same. If you are working along with some other people under the same roof, you must be aware of Coworking Etiquettes otherwise it can get annoying for others working at the place. Check out our list of some common annoying things coworkers do at Coworking spaces and what Coworking Etiquettes you should follow:


1. Know the Noise rules and Do Not Disturb Others

If you are at a Coworking space, chances are that you will be surrounded by several other people. Everyone will be engrossed in their work and trying to concentrate as hard as they can. You should look around for noise rules for different areas in the coworking and abide by that. If the work area is meant for being silent, you can take that important call in the conference room or telephone booths or the cafe. Being nice to others will also pave way to them being nice to you.


2. Try to Find Solution to Little Things yourself before asking others

It is very important to behave like a self sufficient adult in a Coworking Space. I have seen several people creating nuisance all over the place because apparently they can’t find an extra socket for their phone charger. This, when they already have their laptop plugged in and they can easily use the USB to plug in the phone. Sometimes, we tend to forget the basics when we are at a place from where we are expecting hospitality. For a first, coworking spaces are not 5 star hotels, and second other people are trying to work. You should disturb others or start complaining about an issue only after you have used your might and still cannot find a solution.


3. Do not Consume Other People’s Food or Drinks

Many people think that the Fridge is the source of all things awesome no matter if they belong to them or someone else. People, a coworking space is not your best friend’s flatmate. You cannot consume whatever you find. There are usually separate refrigerators for things you can purchase and separate for things that people have brought for themselves. Please do not drink someone else’s Coca Cola, doing this looks good only in TV commercials.


4. Don’t occupy three seats if you have paid rent for only one

Do you keep your computer at one seat’s desk, sit with your laptop on the second and keep your stuff on the third? Well, why would  you do that knowing that someone charges per seat? But the fact is, a lot of people do this. We spoke to Coworking space owners and they said it feels so bad to ask someone to “occupy less space”. Shouldn’t that be obvious? This is one of those essential coworking etiquettes that must be followed.


5. Abide By the Timing Rules of the Space

Every space owner bears some costs of running a space for you all. If they have allocated a time for the space’s opening as per their available resources, then you must respect it. If it’s closing time then you should get up and leave without the admin guys having to chuck you out. It is definitely not a good thing to happen. If you generally want longer hours then you can look for a coworking space that opens for longer hours.


These are some unsaid rules of coworking spaces that you must follow if you are sharing resources with several other people who do not belong to the same organization as yours. Try to maintain a healthy culture in a coworking space and avoid any conflicts if you can! Keep hustling 🙂

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.