91springboard Cofounder Varun Chawla on Complementary Skill Sets amongst cofounders

In startups, if you have found a good Cofounder, half the battle is already fought. A good startup requires the Cofounders to be well connected. However, the debate which has always been going around is about the Cofounder skills. While some people say the Cofounders should have similar skills, others say it should be complementary. Let’s see what 91Springboard Cofounder says on the topic:

This is what 91Springboard Cofounder Varun Chawla has to say about Cofounder skills



About 91Springboard Coworking

91SpringBoard was cofounded by Anand Vemuri, Varun Chawla and Pranay Gupta in 2013. They were one of the first people to introduce the concept of coworking and community in India. Read the full story on their struggles and achievements as told by Pranay Gupta to our team in this interview.

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