A look into the Facebook Office in India – Hyderabad, Mumbai & Gurgaon

Facebook as a company is true startup goals for everyone. From the inspiring story of Mark Zuckerberg to all the swanky offices and crazy perks that the employees get, youngsters get starry eyed with the mention of Facebook as a company. The company’s Menlo Park office in San Francisco is the world’s biggest open plan office space. Facebook has opened 3 offices in India in the recent years. The Facebook office in India follows similar layouts and perks as of their American counterpart. Let’s have a look at the Facebook Offices in India:

Hyderabad Facebook Office in India

Facebook’s Hyderabad office was the first one to be started in India. The office was opened in March of 2012 under the leadership of Kirthiga Reddy, Facebook MD India. It had introduced the Open office layout in the country. The example was set, and being followed by most offices today. The coworking concept is also a lot inspired by the open layout office plans of Silicon Valley. The Hyderabad office of Facebook is swanky, contemporary and huge! Have a look at the Hyderabad Facebook office pictures below:

facebook office in india


facebook office in india hyderabad

hyderabad facebook office in india


facebook office in india
Image: Fortune India


The Hyderabad office was a stepping stone towards open layout offices in India. Most coworking spaces and startup offices are now designed the same way.


Mumbai Facebook Office in India

The 2nd office of Facebook was inaugurated in Mumbai in 2016. It is situated in BKC area of Mumbai. The offices represent the same open office layout that Facebook follows. Let’s have a look at some pictures of the Mumbai Office of Facebook:


The office is very arty and highlights the creativity that Mumbai stands for. This painting represents the Worli Sea Link of Mumbai.

facebook office in india
Image: Digit Magazine

And here is an insta-booth within the Facebook office’s canteen. This area for sure looks like an insta-perfect picture!

facebook office in india


The walls also have Indian-ness to them!

facebook office in india mumbai
Giving the walls an Indian touch


And well, it’s all about being bold and working collaboratively.

facebook office in india mumbai
The famous open layout office


The Mumbai office represents Indianness, creativity, boldness and the ethics that Facebook follows. This office has been created as a symbol of creativity and collaborative working. Facebook offices are always open plan and encourage team work. Facebook’s India offices are no exception and thus represent open culture at its best.


You might want to watch this video by IndianExpress that is a virtual tour of the Mumbai Facebook Office in India:

Gurgaon Facebook Office in India

Facebook’s latest office space in India was opened in Gurgaon in July 2016. This one is also very creative, fun and gives all the perks that Facebook employees enjoy internationally. The offices are made to represent the Indianness, creativity and the ethics that Facebook follows as a company. Let’s have a look at Facebook Gurgaon office pictures:

There is a Facebook icon on the wall with all the colours representing vibrant India.

facebook office in india gurgaon
Arty and colourful


This picture of moving cars represents the fast paced work culture of Facebook. This could also represent Gurgaon traffic though 😉


facebook office in india gurgaon


Also, the Facebook employees get to wear these cool Indianised emoji tees.

cool tshirt facebook


The customary facebook wall which is present at every Facebook office in the world.

facebook office in india
Facebook wall at gurgaon


Here were some pictures of the swanky Facebook Offices in India. While some tech companies are switching to Coworking Spaces for their smaller teams, Facebook being a huge corporation prefers to make its own workplaces or campuses. And why not? It is the biggest social network of the world!



Rutavi Bhatia

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