About Us

Coworking India Magazine is an initiative to bring forward every fact, event and news happening in the world of Coworking & the Startups who work there. We are a small team giving our contribution towards the growing field of Coworking in India.

We are proud to boast that ours is the biggest news and information portal related to Coworking in India. We also extend our topics to startup news and things that matter to businesses and startups in India. Whenever you need to know where to work from or which coworking space is doing an event, Coworking India Magazine is the ONLY resource that can help you. Our team also extends the online community offline by visiting coworking spaces, personally covering events and organising community meetups.

Our Story

We started out in late 2016 with just 2 people sitting on their desks, meeting coworking space owners and writing all the information they could gather. The portal grew very rapidly and attracted a lot of eyeballs within the matter of couple of months. We started getting tips every day from techies, startups, space owners, prospective space owners and PR professionals as well. We started growing at an inexplicable rate.

At present, we attempt to bring to you all the information that you need, in the fastest manner possible about Coworking & Startups in India. We also do many Coworking vists and upload Videos along with doing LIVE video campaigns on our Facebook page. On our Youtube channel, you will find informational lists about Coworking spaces in all the cities of India.

Cities We are Present In

As of now, we have physical presence in Delhi & Bengaluru which we are planning to expand very soon!


Join Us

If you are passionate about writing, news, journalism, video shooting/editing, social media or anything related to community building, feel free to send your resume to hi@coworkingindiamag.com. We would be glad to meet you and see if we can work together.


Advertise with Us

We are a small team, working full time on the magazine. We are bootstrapped and intend to remain so. Only your advertisements, sponsorships and contributions will help us running. Please feel free to reach out to us at advertise@coworkingindiamag.com so that we can share the impressions we create (both online & offline) and how we can help each other grow.