Acquaint Yourself With Neural Networks At Sproutbox SuryaVilas on June 11th

New technologies are emerging with each passing day! Neural Networks is a unique technology that is modelled according to the human brain and nervous system. It is a complex yet superb approach towards solving problems. Neural networks are considered extremely difficult to handle and incomprehensible. However, an organisation called Women Who Code have come up with a workshop that will explain Neural Networks in an easy to understand manner to the attendees. Know more about the Neural Networks at Sproutbox Suryavilas Event below:

Neural Networks Event at Sproutbox SuryaVilas

Check out the agenda as per the Facebook Page of the event:

Inviting you to our next Women Who Code Delhi event in partnership with SproutBox as a part of our ACING A.I Series. In this talk, we plan to cover a non-math heavy approach to:
* Introduction to Neural Networks
* Types of Neural Networks
* Single layer perceptrons
* Multi layer perceptrons
* Backpropagation
* Machine Learning
* Support Vector Machines
* Cost functions
* Building a N.N. library

The goal of this talk is to introduce you to all the concepts before we can dive deeper into deep learning and how to write Deep Learning programs for various applications.

For this session, you should have a basic understanding of high school algebra & calculus along with basic Python. No advanced mathematical skills needed.

Everyone is requested to bring their laptops to follow along.



Sproutbox Suryavilas

D-181, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 1 New Delhi – 110020


Date and Time

Sunday June 11, 2017

3 PM – 8 PM


Event Page

Facebook event page




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