Latest 2017 – 26 Best Upwork Alternative Sites to Earn Better and Find Freelancers

Upwork has been gaining popularity among freelance workers all over the world. Upwork was formerly odesk & Elance thus millions of people all over the world rely on it. The portal is like a dream come true for those who want to work remotely and explore the world. Freelancing websites also help when you’re running very busy and need to find freelancers to allocate your work. However competition has become fierce on Upwork and thus it is getting tougher to make a stable income. Furthermore, with millions of freelancers competing, it might get tough to find a trustworthy freelancer. Here we help you with a list of Upwork alternative websites where you can find work and reliable freelancers both:

1. has also been there since many years in the freelance working domain. Freelancer also has millions of freelancers listed on the site. According to our analysis, Freelancer is great for smaller jobs like writing, wordpress, data entry etc. With cheaper options available for employers and thus abundant jobs open for freelancers, it makes sense to give it a shot.

Verdict: Freelancer is safe and good for basic and short term jobs like Writing, Data Entry and WordPress.

Details: Sign up to


2. Outsourcely

Outsourcely is a relatively new entrant in the Freelance and remote jobs domain. It focuses more on long term high quality jobs. The jobs listed here are well moderated for quality and pay parity. We have done a full Outsourcely vs Upwork analysis on our website that you can check out.

Verdict: Outsourcely is better for high quality, mid to high skilled and long term remote jobs/projects. If you are looking for/looking to hire a high quality, long term job go for this one!

Details: You can sign up to



Popular freelance website namely Guru has also been there for a very long time. Guru is best suited for Technical jobs. I was able to find PHP and Android guys for my ongoing project quite quickly on Guru. If you are a developer or are looking for Tech guys, Guru is for you. Guru has a very neat project management app that is particularly helpful in managing big projects.

Verdict: is great for technical jobs. If you are looking for technical work or looking for technical freelancers, is the best freelance website for you.

Details: Sign up to here.


4. People Per Hour

Our team has fallen in love with People per hour. Seriously, not joking. People per hour is great for long term ongoing work.  The website also lets experts show what they’re worth and demand for their deserved hourly fees. The system is very transparent and the quality of jobs posted is also very sorted.

Verdict: People per hour is best suited for medium to high skilled individuals who are looking to get long term work on hourly basis. Clients usually pay what you deserve on PPH. Good quality work and freelancers both.

Details: Sign up to



Fiverr is the marketplace where you get everything (Just like the dollar store, pun intended) at $5. Fiverr is also a very crowded marketplace where it gets hard to find the right guy for your work. However if you’re looking for inexpensive workers for small tasks, fiverr is your place. Similarly, if you’re cool at doing a task repeatedly and can handle multiple clients that pay you $5-$10 each, fiverr is for you. A good thing about enrolling as a freelancer on Fiverr is that once you build a good profile with testimonials, you can get hundreds of gigs in one day.

Verdict: if you want to get small tasks done like getting a 30 sec explainer video, getting 1 page of content written, getting 1 voice over OR you’re capable of doing these small tasks repeatedly then Fiverr is great for you.

Details: Sign up to here.


6. Toptal

Toptal is known for its high quality talent. If you want to hire someone for a highly skilled job, go for Toptal. As the Toptal website represents, it is trusted by the likes of Airbnb for the search of skilled programming individuals and consultants.

Verdict: Toptal is good for highly skilled freelancers and consultants. For something specific, go for Toptal.




This one could also be considered built on similar lines as Outsourcely. is not big enough to be called an ideal upwork alternative, still it is one of the best if you are looking for remote work.

Verdict: is for the freelancers who want to work from any location/while travelling. If you are looking for people and you’re chill with your freelancer to be traveling or located from anywhere in the world, is something you can try.



8. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is also a platform where you can find remote workers or can find work if you’re a remote worker. The platform however, is majorly flooded with Tech related jobs and freelancers. Thus We Work Remotely is more of a remote outsourcing website with mostly tech jobs.

Verdict: We work remotely is perfect for those who are looking for tech related jobs while being on the go.




Zeerk is a platform where people usually post micro-jobs which range from $3 – $100. However lately, Zeerk has followed the Fiverr format and now freelancers list their services along with the fixed services cost they want to provide it for. Most jobs are for $5 – $20.

Verdict: If you are looking for a Fiverr alternative rather than an Upwork alternative, Zeerk can be a good choice. It is mostly for small tasks and micro-jobs.




Designhill is a design niche website. They claim to be world’s largest Design work community. If you are looking for good quality designers or you are a designer looking for good design jobs, designhill is a website suitable for you.

Verdict: Designhill is for those who are looking for design jobs or design freelancers.




Speedlancer claims to get your marketing task delivered to you in 4 hours. The website is a good Upwork alternative in the sense of timing and niche. As I said before, with overall freelance websites becoming highly competitive, niche freelance platforms are rising again. With speedlancer as a marketing and quick work niche, you can try this one if you’re an expert at providing timely work or looking for someone punctual.

Verdict: Speedlancer is a marketing niche website also specialising in timely delivery of work without much hassle.




Workwithanyone is an Australian website which is open for anyone to join from all over the world. The website is a very innovative one where you can not only apply for jobs but can also join teams, have someone help you with recruitment and sell digital goods.

Verdict: workwithanyone is great for someone who thinks that they cannot keep selling their services and need someone as a sales rep or wants to have a recruiter hire for them. It is basically a virtual collaborative work space.




Workhoppers is also a reverse pitching freelance website where freelancers display their work and employers can get in touch with them. The employers can get in touch with local freelancers in their area and contract/hire full time as well.

Verdict: If you want to hire locally and for long term, workhoppers is for you.




Powertofly is not just an ordinary upwork alternative website. It is a unique site that is only for women tech workers. Since the tech industry is dominated by male workers, this website aims to bring some balance by focussing only on women workers.

Verdict: If you are a woman freelancer or want to hire a woman freelancer for tech jobs, powertofly is for you.




This website is a Europe focussed one for IT professionals in the area. The website connects you with tech and IT freelancers living in the Europe.

Verdict: If you are living in Europe or looking for a tech guy from Europe, will connect you to the right person.



On most freelance websites, a majority of freelancers bidding on the projects are seen to be from South East Asia especially Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. lets you find a freelancer only from Pakistan. It is evident that the freelancers bidding from these countries will charge much lesser than what they would if they were from the first world.

Verdict: If you are from Pakistan or are looking to get work done at a lower cost, then you can check out




Growthgeeks is also a niche hiring website on which you can hire growth hackers, marketers and sales representatives. This website basically focusses on marketing and growth related niches. If finding good marketers and sales guys is your top priority, the website could give you some great options.

Conclusion: Growth Geeks is a good community for freelance marketers, growth hackers and sales guys.

Sign up to their website here



18. GoLance

GoLance is a good Upwork alternative because it charges 10% commission instead of Upwork’s 20%. Golance is a recently emerged freelance platform which has gained momentum. The platform has good number of freelancers and jobs to choose from but there is a lot of scope for options.

Verdict: If 20% on Upwork pinches you, try golance.




Codemill is a niche website for Tech freelancers and employers. It is known to help you find good tech folks. If you are willing to go an extra mile and sign up on a coding niche site, codemill should be your option.

Verdict: Good upwork alternative for tech hiring.



20. ProbloggerJobs

Problogger is a blog about freelancing, making money online and about how to write, do content marketing etc. The Problogger job board can help you hire writers, bloggers, content marketers and growth hackers who are specifically experienced in blogging domain.

Verdict: If you are experienced in blogging, writing and looking for similar jobs then Problogger is an ideal platform for you.

Details: Problogger Jobs


21. CloudPeeps

This is an on-demand freelancing website where you can find marketing, tech, admin all kinds of people and jobs. This one has less no. of jobs and less competition too. Good one to keep an eye on.

Verdict: Less competition, less no. of jobs. Good to keep looking at it once in a while.



22. ECP24

The website is dedicatedly for finding Engineering work and people. This one is a dedicated niche site thus can be very helpful to people looking for engineering work.

Verdict: If you work in an Engineering niche and not just marketing, writing, web design etc which comprise most freelance website jobs, this one can be for you.


23. Ribit

Ribit is a unique website that connects students to companies and helps them gain work experiences. The website is focussed entirely on students which makes it very unique. The website is present in Australia and is a non-profit but they might have plans to grow soon. This isn’t exactly an upwork alternative, but a good one to try if you are a student.

Verdict: Good for students. Australia focussed.




Toogit is an Indian Freelancing website. The portal has lesser jobs as of now but is growing rapidly. If you are looking at freelancers mainly from India or are an Indian freelancers, you might give a shot at it.

Verdict: If you are looking for work or freelancers in India and around, you can try this one.




This one is also an Indian website with niche as content.

Verdict: If you are a content writer or looking for content services in and around India, this website is good for you.




Witmart is a chinese marketplace focused at non physical goods including services & digital goods. The platform has more than 7 million registered users which makes it a fairly large platform.

Verdict: Witmart is a great platform to look for talent and hire talent however it is a mostly China focussed Upwork Alternative website.




So, Which is the Best Upwork Alternative?

There are several websites that you can try instead of just upwork to get freelancing work online. However, there is no perfectly number 1 Upwork Alternative. Each freelancing platform has been created to suit different needs based on niche, location, purpose, project size etc. You can find out which works the best for you according to competition, skill level, niche etc.

If you want to know some tips about scoring more jobs on Upwork, check out this video by John Morris:



These were the top freelancing websites of the world that can serve as a great Upwork alternative. We have also done an Upwork Reviews India post where we interviewed some experienced freelancers and employers. Please do share your feedback and share any suggestions that you think we must add to this! Keep hustling!








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