Breathtakingly Beautiful Coworking Space in The Himalayas

Coworking spaces can be generally spotted in big cities; they are considered to be things of busy streets of crowded cities. The idea of coworking spaces has been trending in metropolitan areas and urban cities for a quite long time. But, soon we will be able to witness the concept of Coworking Space in the himalayas. Pankhasari Retreat is all set to create a breathtakingly beautiful coworking space in the Himalayas over the tea estates and crop plantations.

Italian Architecture Firm Planning to Build A Sustainable Coworking Space in the Himalayas

The firm Carlo Ratti Associati has planned to build Pankhasari Retreat, which will be located in the Darjeeling region of West Bengal, India. The retreat will be surrounded by the picturesque delight of the beauty of the region; sandwiched between a swift river and an expressive waterfall.

coworking space in the himalayas

The project which broke the ground last August, is developed in partnership with architect Michele Bonino from Turin, Italy, along with a team of more than 20 professionals. The retreat will soon be constructed, taking the help of some local craftsmen and using some local materials including stones, teak and the native Indian Rosewood (sissoo) to infuse a local touch.

coworking space in the himalayas

Local architecture of the area favors large verandas and overhangs, typical of the region, offering natural cooling, ventilation and shading. All these elements of local architecture will be incorporated into the design and structure of the retreat.

CoLiving & Coworking in Wonderful Solitude

The retreat will be made up of several residential units, each of which will able to put up three to four people in two bedrooms. The units will also contain a communal living area, a studio, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. Other facilities such as teleworking and internet are also taken into consideration and will be managed very well. While the teleworking services will be built onsite, internet on the other hand, will be provided via satellite.

coworking space in the himalayas

The retreat aims to promote co-working patterns along with the idea, which leads to a sustainable way of inhabiting the world. According to the architects, the building of the retreat in the Himalayas expands further the concept of international living and working, while reducing the gap between local and global communities.

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