How can Shared Offices ensure Women Safety at the Workplace?

Shared office spaces are becoming a big trend now. With real estate costs going sky high all over the country, these are a respite. However, shared spaces stand for transparency and open culture. In such a scenario, how safe are coworking spaces for Women? Read how shared offices can ensure women safety at the workplace


Women Members at Coworking Spaces

Women are coming back to the workplace with the help of Coworking Spaces & Shared offices. The spaces are proving to be a platform for women to startup more easily without worrying about infrastructure & fixed resources. Women who are working with MNCs, other organisations are also being benefited through shared spaces because they can work from a hub near their home without traveling far.


Ensuring Women Safety at Shared Office Spaces

Coworking Spaces & Shared Offices need to have some measures in place to ensure women safety. Unlike corporation offices, which have an HR department where women can complain, Coworking Spaces don’t have the same. However, Coworking Spaces can appoint a “community manager” who can take care of the community as a whole. This person can be responsible for ensuring mutual behaviour among the coworkers and that nobody is facing any issues.

Coworking spaces can also have an online “issue redressal system” through which Women can publicly/anonymously share their issues with the Coworking Space staff. Multiple community events and networking opportunities can also help in bridging the gap between coworkers and help them co-ordinate better with each other.


Shared Office Spaces as Networking Opportunities

Although shared office spaces might not be as private and luxurious like the leased office spaces, they have their own advantages. Most startups find each other’s offerings complementary and thus are willing to work with each other. It boosts one’s confidence and also provides a platform to get work, recommendations and inspiration within the work space. See how many Coworkers exchange business amongst each other! Thus there is not only women safety at the workplace while working from a shared office, but business growth opportunities too!

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.