Want to Work on Tasks You Never Get Time For? CAVE DAY is Here at 91Springboard Gurgaon

Often we get so busy in our every day life that we start procrastinating on certain tasks. The little things such as maintaining your accounts or writing a blog or learning to code always go unattended. Well, 91Springboard  Gurgaon has come up with a unique event for the same. It is a very creative event in which you are literally going to go into a modern day cave. The attendees will not have any external noise or distractions. Here are some more details about the event:

Event Date & Time

Date: 13th May, 2017

Time: 10 AM


91Springboard, Plot 23, Maruti Industrial Area, Sector 18 Gurugram

Cave Day Startup Event at 91Springboard Gurgaon

91springboard gurgaon

Cave Day is a chance to make that space. This is an event helping us redefine how work gets done. It’s a day of heads-down, facilitated, distraction-free productivity so you can treat yourself to prioritize YOU and getting your personal work done.

Finish that screenplay. Clean your inbox. Write thank you cards. Map out a business idea. Make a plan and then join us to start crossing things off.

We’ll provide you with:

> Tools and structure to keep you engaged all day without distractions

> Tasty meals, snacks, and caffeine at discounted prices

> A place to meet new friends, future collaborators and like-minded weekend warriors

> Helpful hub team and mentors, ready to support/guide/inspire if you get stuck


> What kind of work can I do?

Answer: Anything that can fit in a desk area and won’t disturb other co-workers.

> What’s it going to be like?

Answer: We’ll start by settings goals for the day. There’ll be two areas: The Quiet Cave for uninterrupted work and the Timed Cave that will be leading sprints and breaks. You can switch between the two areas throughout the day. There will also be a break room. And facilitators on hand if you want to chat through something or get feedback.

> Who is this for?

Answer: Any human who wants to get shit done! It doesn’t have to be creative. Polish a trophy for 8 hours for all we care, as long as it feels productive to you!

> What about food?

Answer: We’ll provide coffee, snacks and a healthy lunch at discounted prices.

> Can I do work with a team?

Answer: As long as you can do so without speaking out loud (i.e. chat/slack/etc), it’s cool with us!


You can reach out to the 91Springboard team here: ggn.sec18@91springboard.com


Gaurav Bisht

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