Champions of Change Event with PM Narendra Modi at Niti Ayog

“Entrepreneurs must become soldiers of development” stated PM Narendra Modi at the Champions of Change event held in the capital yesterday which was organized by NITI Aayog. Prime Minister Narendra Modi with NITI Aayog met over 200 startup entrepreneurs.

Champions of Change Event

The event was a pleasant surprise for young entrepreneurs who noticed that the ministers, secretaries and even PM were eager to listen to their ideas. PM focused on encouraging the young entrepreneurs that they are needed by the country at every step and they should work for the betterment of the society and help him make India grow every day.

champions of change


The event was organized in such manners that groups of 35 people were asked to brainstorm on selected six themes; which were:

A New India by 2022

Make In India

Cities of Tomorrow

World Class Infrastructure

Doubling Farmers Income

Fixing Finance: Reforming the Financial Sector

The groups had to brainstorm and need to come up with innovative and effective ideas on these topics which were then presented to PM. For each theme there was a 5 slide action plan which every group need to be focused on, which were:

Job creation

Income Enhancement

Technology Disruption and Innovation

Ease of Doing Business

Governance and Policy

The whole event was organized in a corporate and discussion matter and not in just another discourse from government. PM Narendra Modi, in his speech referred to Mahatma Gandhi and how he encouraged people and made them believe that they all are important for the country and how they can all make India gain Independence.  In the same way, Modi encouraged the young audience to make India grow and to make youngsters work together with government for the poorest sectors.

champions of change with PM Narendra Modi at Niti Ayog
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A champion of change is an idea to bridge the gap between the young entrepreneurs and the government officials to work together for the betterment of the society and to make India grow at every step. Amidst all the discussions, PM Narendra Modi has made sure that the government is serious about this idea and would want more and more participation from young entrepreneurs.



Rutavi Bhatia

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