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Coworkin Lajpat Nagar was founded by Mr. Yatin K Thakur in the year 2013. This coworking space in Delhi is located in Lajpat Nagar (South Delhi) near Haldiram’s.

We visited the coworking space and here is our detailed review.

We got down at Lajpat Nagar station via Delhi metro. After taking the exit we went to Haldiram’s by a rickshaw and located Coworkin Lajpat very easily. Thus, the location is easily accessible from public transport like metro & bus. 

The entry to the space
The open area

When we entered the place, it was a very spacious area which could easily accommodate quite a large crowd. But the building was a bit old and was in need of repair and maintenance. We were attended by Miss Harshita Jain, the Community Manager. She made us very comfortable while asking the questions. Many people were sitting inside and doing their work with ease and comfort. The environment inside was quite calm and composed.

coworkin lajpat nagar

When asked about the kind of start-ups working from here, Miss Harshita Jain told us that there is no specified type as such. Individuals, teams and freelancers and all kind of start-ups are currently working from Coworkin Lajpat. This is a clear indication of the good-quality services and the homely environment that the co-workers get over here.

The number of people who work in a team are 8-10 on an average, whereas it reaches to around 13 people to the maximum.

Coworkin Lajpat nagar

The place holds many kinds of start-up meets on weekends and weekdays as well. They provide a separate event space area which can accommodate nearly 60-70 people easily.

The efficient services provided by Coworkin Lajpat is a major source of attraction for the co-workers. It is located in the heart of South Delhi and thus is popular amongst the startup crowd in Delhi. High speed internet connection, 24*7 access, unlimited tea and coffee, mail services etc.  are properly provided to the coworkers. Although the interiors of the space are not too fancy, but the team takes care that the basics are provided efficiently.

Even the price structure of the place is very affordable. Coworkin Lajpat offers various plans to the co-workers.

Part-time: Rs. 3500 (exclusive of taxes)

12-15 days access

Full-Time: Rs. 6500 (exclusive of taxes)

26 days access

Day-Pass: Rs. 399 (exclusive of taxes)

Weekly: Rs. 2500 (exclusive of taxes)

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You can check out all the pricing details and contact details on their website.

Coworkin Lajpat Review:

Pros: Good location, economical price structure, friendly staff, good-quality services

Cons: Situated in an old building, surrounding area is crowded

Rutavi Bhatia

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