Finally! Coworking Concept Just Grabbed the Attention of a Central Minister

Few months back, we wrote about how government can help boost the coworking culture in India. We pointed out some loopholes in the system which are not coworking friendly. We also discussed different steps which can be taken by the government to help coworking startups operate effectively. Addressing these problems will also solve infrastructure related issues for freelancers and startups. Finally, someone in the Central Government is listening!

Nirmala Sitharaman on Coworking Concept

“I will write to all the MPs in districts where people are approaching their MPs asking if they can have some space and where there is a demand of start-ups.” — Nirmala Sitharaman, Commerce and Industry Minister, Government of India.

On 19th June, 2017, Nirmala Sitharaman, who is a union commerce and industry minister of India, said that she will write to states MPs about opening various coworking spaces facilities for startups. She said this during the launch event of Startup Hub Portal which aims to connect entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, advisors, consultants etc. Most important, She talked about her keenness in pushing the concept of coworking spaces in tier 2 and tier 3 regions of the country. According to the central minister, she has helped in the development of a 60 seater coworking space in Mangaluru, Karnataka. She used funds from Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme.

SAARC for Startups

She also said that the ministry plans to have a SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) meet-up for startups. The focus is to facilitate thoughts and beneficial exchanges. Furthermore, the meet-up is expected to be happening in December.

Concept of coworking offers an endless list of advantages to startups and freelancers. With the rising demand of shared office spaces, Coworking startups are seeking lots of supportive policies from the government. With this initiative of Nirmala Sitharaman, the future looks promising. Let us know your thoughts, feedbacks or questions at


Rutavi Bhatia

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