How are Coworking Spaces bringing Women back to the Workplace

Picture for representation purpose. Source:
Picture for representation purpose. Source:

Coworking spaces have found their way into the very depth of the Indian startup ecosystem. They have played a very important role in solving the infrastructure and networking woes of startup entrepreneurs, especially in the early stage of startup. There are several advantages Coworking Spaces have given to the Startup ecosystem in India.

Infrastructure involves huge setup costs, knowledge and time, all of which Coworking Spaces solve for Startups and above that also provide many advantages related to networking, morale boost, culture, investor connections, event access and so on.

The advantages coworking spaces provide to startups are innumerable but there is another sector of people who are getting benefited by the advent of Coworking spaces which is the Women. Several women, whether entrepreneurs or the ones who are working somewhere leave working due to family responsibilities and the fact that they cannot commute to long distances, or are too hesitant to start-up and get their own office.

We interviewed many women founders, employees, entrepreneurs working out of coworking spaces and realised how much they were benefitted. We are listing down some of the women we met and how they were helped:

Lady 1 : New Mom. Employee of a Gurgaon based startup, stays in East Delhi & works out of a coworking space near her place

She has been working for 5 years with an MNC which has its office in Gurgaon. When she became a mother, she was almost about to quit working at all because the commute to her office was 2 hours one side, when she got to know about the concept of coworking and decided to give it a try. The coworking space is located at a 10 minute distance from her home, so she checks in really early in the morning and goes back home to her 2 year old in the evening, hardly 2 hours after he’s back from school.

Lady 2 : Has a 3 year old child. 1 year old startup. Was about to quit because couldn’t manage from home, was too hesitant to go lease an office all for herself.

She started out 1 year ago. Things had been rocky like any other startup but now little revenues had started coming in. But, at home things were really distracting, it was becoming impossible to work from home. She has no co-founders, she is a solopreneur. She was too hesitant to lease out her own office and work all by herself when she got to know about this coworking space located 3 km away from her home in South Delhi. She now has 60 other colleagues in form of the other coworkers and she can also go home whenever she wants to, for her child!

Not just middle aged women, many young women, straight out of college have also received support in the form of safety, confidence, coworkers, culture, morale boost due to working from a coworking space which isn’t possible to get when you work alone.

These are couple of stories that we know, the people we have talked to. There are many more stories of women coming back to the workplace because of availability of all the support that coworking spaces provide.

If you know of any such stories, or you want to share your own story please reach out to us at

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