Coworking Spaces with infrastructure for Hardware Startups in India

There is no dearth of coworking spaces in India for startups. All the coworking spaces provide the necessities to startups which are infrastructure, Wifi, Coffee, auxiliary services etc. However, there are several hardware startups in the country which require special labs and equipment for their work. The coworking spaces with infrastructure for hardware startups in India are termed as Makerspaces. Here is the list of Makerspaces in India:


Maker’s Asylum – Mumbai & Delhi

Maker’s Asylum is a collaborative makerspace. This space is perfect for hardware startups with access to tools, talent and technology so that they can easily prototype their ideas. They also have a program FabLab, under which they provide training in digital fabrication & rapid prototyping.

Equipment Available: 3D printers, CNC machines, electronics lab,laser cutters and prototyping tools for woodworking, robotics, bicycle building and repair, rapid prototyping, open source computer-aided design.

Locations: Mumbai, Delhi

You can find more details on their website or contact them on +91 9004686828.


Makersbox – Delhi

Makersbox is Delhi’s largest makerspace spread over a total area of 5000 sq. ft. The makerspace has 2500 sq ft covered and 2500 sq ft open area. Located in Okhla phase 1, the makerspace is easily accessible using public or private mode of transportation. Makersbox offers various programs, certification courses and workshops for professionals as well students.

Location : Delhi

You can get in touch with them at or +91-11-3958-5454. Read more about them here.


NutsAndBolts – Delhi

NutsandBoltz is a makerspace located in Delhi. The space is a sprawling 1800 Sqft facility for hardware startups with comfortable desks, benches and Wifi for the startups. They have a wide range of tools that are required by startups.

Equipments Available: They have availability of all the basic tools required for 3D prototyping, Woodwork and Electronics.

Locations: Delhi

You can find more details on their website or contact them on +91 9599587018.


 FabLab Kerala

Fablab Kerala is an initiative of Kerala Startup Misson (KSUM). The space has two MIT USA Electronics Fabrication labs each at Technopark, Trivandrum and Kerala Technology Innovation Zone (KTIZ), Kochi. With this initiative, they want to promote and encourage entrepreneurship in the surrounding areas. They also provide certification courses & training programs.

Locations – Trivandrum & Kochi

Equipment: All basic hand tools, power tools, 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, PCB Milling machine, Vinyl Cutters etc.

You can know  more on their website or contact at 0471-2700270.



WorkBench Projects – Bangalore

It is a 5000 sq. feet makerspace in Bangalore which was started to encourage an ecosystem for hardware enthusiasts to research and foster responsible innovation. Apart from all the hardware tools, they also have a state of the art coworking space, wifi, backyard cafe, accelerator program, locker facilities and shower.

Location: Bangalore

Equipment: CNC Router, 3D Printer, Milling machine, Power tools and Hand tools

You can find out more details on their website or contact them here +91 9663090123



Fablab CEPT -Ahmedabad

Fablab is an initiative by the CEPT University and the Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation. This space was established with a motive of fostering and encouraging responsible and creative hardware innovation in Ahmedabad. They also hold regular workshops and provide training programs for hardware enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Location: Ahmedabad

Equipment: All basic hand tools and power tools, 3D Printers, CNC cutters with required prototyping softwares

You can know more on their website or reach out to them here : +91 9825014578.



Makersloft – Kolkata

Makersloft is the first makerspace in the city of Kolkata. The space aims to bring together hardware enthusiasts and help them create and innovate. They also provide several value added services like trainings, workshops, mentoring and networking events.

Location: Kolkata

Equipment: 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, Knitting machine, Block printing, Screen printing, Hand & Power Tools etc

You can know more about them on their website or contact them here: +91 9830105231


The country is now waking up to a hardware revolution. With IoT becoming a huge buzzword these days, makerspaces are proving to be catalysts of innovation. Check out the above mentioned coworking spaces with infrastructure for hardware startups in India if you have been looking for an equipped lab to work out of.

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