How are Coworking Spaces helping people to become Location Independent Entrepreneurs?

Success is synonymous to the freedom you have to do what you want in life.

Everyone wants to be successful but for some, the above quote has the most relevance. Success means to do what you want to do in life, to spend your days wherever you want to. Following this, millions of people all over the world are handing in their resignations and heading out. People are getting hugely inclined towards becoming location independent entrepreneurs. You can find thousands of success stories of people building million dollar businesses while traveling the world.


Who is a Digital Nomad?

A “Digital Nomad” is a term used for people who work independent of any fixed office or residential location. Such people’s businesses are existent only on “digital” medium and do not require any physical presence whatsoever. The businesses may or may not have a remote team also working location independently without any fixed location.

Digital Nomads often have blogging based businesses, ecommerce portals, affiliate businesses or any other business that doesn’t need a physical office. The opportunities are limitless in this domain.


How have Coworking Spaces fuelled the rise of Location Independent Entrepreneurs?

Location independence has become a lifestyle for many. While earlier you had to slog and save for months before you could go on a week’s vacation, today people are able to work while vacationing. A majority of this has been possible because of Coworking Spaces. A coworking space provides people with reliable internet, work environment, coworkers to interact with and many other local community benefits. Most digital nomads have been able to travel wherever they want to without any worries about strong wifi connections and a table & chair to work upon along with guarantee of printers and other office services. Coworking spaces are not only present in metropolitan cities but also in tourist places, which are often accompanied with a hostel/co-living space as well. You can find the Hubud Space in Bali, and coworking spaces with breathtaking view all over India as well.


It is not necessary to resign to live the #LaptopLifestyle

Thousands of companies all over the world are also going Office-lessthe biggest example being Automattic, the parent company of WordPress (the reason why you’re reading this post by us). They run the content world, literally. And they do not have a fixed office. The employees work from anywhere and everywhere. You can find out Location independent jobs on several portals like Outsourcely.


If you are scared about resigning to become a location independent entrepreneur, try to build a portfolio on freelance work websites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc. You will start getting freelance orders and when you are confident enough about things, you will be ready to take the leap. Check our List of Top 50 Coworking Spaces in India to know about spaces from all over the country.

Keep hustling!


Rutavi Bhatia

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