Upcoming Coworking & Startup Events in Mumbai – March 2017

Mumbai is rising on the Startup charts of the country. The city’s palpable energy doesn’t leave anyone from getting enthused. Here is a list of Upcoming Coworking & Startup Events in Mumbai – March 2017:

1. Mentor Hours with Dr. Priam Pillai – 91Springboard Navi Mumbai

91springboard has planned interactive one-on-one sessions where an expert mentor guides entrepreneurs on various issues like marketing, technology, scaling-up etc.

Dr. Priam Pillai
Founding Partner at India Urban Expansion Observatory and CEO at Mahatma Education Society

His areas of expertise are:
New Technology Development
Business Development

More about the Mentor:
Dr. Priam Pillai graduated with a PhD in mechanical engineering from MIT in 2011. He is the Founding Partner of the India Urban Expansion Observatory, an Urban Research Center setup jointly with New York University, Stern School of Business and UN Habitat.

Event Page: Mentor Hours with Dr. Priam Pillai

Date: March 2, 2017

Venue: 91springboard Coworking, Navi Mumbai


2. DesignStorm – RISE Mumbai


*The purpose and value of UX Engineering for startups.

*The value of good UX as an expression of the core brand of India.

*The major phases of UX engineering work with the value on overall process of each phase.

*The road to acquiring an effective UX capability.

*Execute Usability test,compiling points of confusion against a defined set of scenarios.


1)Eric Shaffer

CEO and Head – HFI Laboratories,

Founder – Human Facyoras International, Inc.

2)Apala Lahiri

President – HFI Middle East, Asia,Africa ,Australia.

CEO – Institute Of Customer Experience.

Event Page: DesignStorm – UI/UX Workshop

Date and Time : 2nd – 3rd March, 2017 | 09:30 AM – 05:00 PM

Venue: RISE Mumbai Coworking, Lower Parel


3. Branding For Startups – 91Springboard, Navi Mumbai

91springboard has planned an interactive session that will help business owners get valuable insights on brand management, brand strategy and brand positioning.

Session shall cover:
What is a brand?
Graphic Design vs Branding
What is brand management?
How do you choose a name for your startup?
Logo Design and Tag Lines for Startups
Brand Strategy For Startups
Brand positioning For Startups
When Startups Should Invest In Branding
Branding successfully: Hot Tips for Startups

Event Page: Branding for Startups : Why it matters

Date: March 3, 2017

Venue: 91springboard Navi Mumbai


4. Business Mantras – 91SpringBoard, Andheri East

A short one hour session which has Jaideep Barve telling you about the different Business mantras essential to an organization’s survival.

The agenda broadly covers topics that are fundamental for an entrepreneur to know and implement:

1. Vision, Mission and Business Planning

2. Organization structuring wrt segments, hierarchy levels, delegation etc.

3. Accounting systems /ERP

4. Budgetary controls ,Costing and Financial Statements

5. Management Information Systems

6. Business process mapping / Standard operating procedures

7. Valuation

8. Enterprise risk management and Controls

Event Page: Business Mantras

Date: March 3, 2017

Venue: 91springboard, Andheri East


5. Finger Painting Workshop by Trishna Patnaik

Bring out the artist in you! Create your very own abstract masterpiece!
Participate in the finger painting workshop conducted by artist Trishna Patnaik and expose yourself to a fun filled artistic experience!
Ms Trishna Patnaik is a self-taught artist and has been practicing art for 14 years now. She left a career in the corporate sector to pursue her true calling, which is painting. Ms Patnaik shares her innovative methods by regularly conducting these workshops across Mumbai.
In the workshop, you will work with acrylic colours, cartridge sheets and bare fingers. You will be recreating a famous old master’s, super famous painting. Keep the intrigue on and join the fun!

Event Page: Finger Painting Workshop by Trishna Patnaik

Date: March 3, 2017

Venue: 91springboard, Andheri East


6. Why SEO is so Underrated? – 91Springboard, Andheri East

An introduction to the world of SEO, its basics and how you can use this practise to make your web presence felt.


1. Why not diverting your attention to marketing is a major MISTAKE made by startups!

2. Common SEO errors committed by startups

3. How to create an SEO strategy and tools that could help you

4. Goals to measure how well you’re performing

5. Do It Yourself vs Outsourcing for SEO

Event Page: Why SEO is so underrated! 

Date: March 4, 2017 

Venue: 91springboard, Andheri East


7. Rapid Prototyping – Maker’s Asylum Mumbai

Have the will and talent to create, but no machinery? Here’s your saviour. Maker’s Asylum brings to you Rapid Prototyping, a 3-weekend hands-on learning program. Indulge yourself in a learning experience with engineers, architects, designers and artists. Build your imagination with the help of mentors, machines and techniques. Get your hands on the laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC Router and CAD by Fusion 360.


Day 1: Orientation, Electronics and Arduino

Day 2: CAD Software

Day 3: 3D Printing

Day 4: Safety standard talk, Laser cutting, CNC Router

Day 5: Power tools and Certification

Day 6: Project showcases and Community time

Event Page: Rapid Prototyping- March 2017

Date: March 4, 2017

Venue: Maker’s Asylum, Mumbai Western Suburbs


8. Abstraction: A Painting Exhibition cum Sale by Trishna Patnaik – 91Springboard Andheri East

Addition of colours, Subtraction of tones, Multiplication of figures and Division of space gives rise to a beautiful Abstract piece. Abstract piece as in a Meaningless piece! We derive an art work from mathematics!

Look forward to having you at 91springboard, Andheri anytime from 6th March to 8th March, 2017 to experience the Expressions which Trishna Patnaik has created in the form of some paintings.

Ms Trishna Patnaik is a self-taught artist and has been practicing art for 14 years now. She left a career in the corporate sector to pursue her true calling, which is painting. Ms Patnaik shares her innovative methods by regularly conducting these workshops across Mumbai.

Event Page:Abstraction: A Painting Exhibition cum Sale by Trishna Patnaik 

Date: March 6, 2017 

Venue: 91springboard, Andheri East


9. Complimentary Coworking for Women – 91Springboard Andheri East

This Women’s day, we would love to have all you wom-entrepreneurs and working professionals to come and experience what a community of like minded people would feel like!
Empower yourself by working amid the 91springboard community. Leave your traditional office setting/ your home behind just for these 2 days and see how enjoyable coworking can actually be!
So what are the deliverables?
Free WiFi
Free Tea/Coffee
Access to the Cafeteria and games and of course, we aren’t going to charge you to network with some awesome people

Register Here: https://goo.gl/forms/48r3i8sMFGZRnWXn2
Call us on 9173596016 incase of any query.

Event Page: Complimentary Coworking for Women 

Date: March 8, 2017 

Venue: 91springboard, Andheri East


10. ImaginXP – Learn UX Workshop – Venture Catalysts, Andheri East

A full-day immersive experience where you get hands on training in the UX design process. Learn how to design user-centric products, that are functional, usable and valuable for your users. The workshop will progress with a case study and participants will learn how to identify problems, think of relevant solutions and implement the solution through the use of a structured design tool kit.

Event Page: ImaginXP Learn UX Workshop

Date: March 18, 2017

Venue: Venture Catalysts Coworking, Andheri East




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