Coworking Vs Leased Office | Which one works better for you?

Moving out in search of a perfect office space can be really tiresome. It is not just about picking the right furniture or location, but there are many things you need to take into consideration. The key points that usually determines this decision are : location, budget and working environment. Now, with abundance of Coworking spaces available, you can make a choice between a leased office and coworking space. Let’s get into the details by comparing Coworking and Leased office against each another to see which one works better for you? Coworking Vs Leased office, which one would win?


Coworking : For small companies and startups, budget can be a major deciding factor. With coworking spaces you are unloaded with the burden of spending huge amount of money on lease, buying furniture, paying monthly rents, bills and many other unforeseen costs. Coworking space allows them to pay a small fee on the monthly bases making it flexible enough for them to choose the kind of working space without having to worry about the budget.

Leased Office: A big commitment goes into renting out an office space, which comes with a huge investments like paying the lease, purchasing furniture, finding a perfect location (which can be costly), the bills, maintenance fees and other unforeseen budget.

2. Environment

Coworking: While working in a shared spaced office, it can get noisy, with less privacy, music playing in the background, on going events or loud coworkers. Most coworking spaces come with an open desk and not closed cubicals and if you are the kind of person that likes or functions more productively in a quite environment then you may have a difficult time concentrating on your work. But then again these days there are coworking space that have closed office space where you can work in a quite space so it’s really about finding the right working space.

Leased office: In a leased office you have your own personal desk with partitions allowing you more privacy for your work. They are more quite and gives a feeling of a more organised environment with everyone around you working for the same company under the same employer.

3. Productivity

Coworking: Most coworking space are occupied by freelancers, startups, artists, writers etc. The kind of people who want to start something on their own. Without getting tied up or working under other companies. They are always surrounded with like minded people which can be a huge boost of motivation. This also brings out their productivity more naturally.

Leased Office: The fundamental objective of having a traditional, close leased office is to ‘not allow’ outsiders inside your workspace. Which, obviously, will limit the exchange of ideas and thoughts among people. With less interaction and collaboration opportunities, private leased office are not as productive as coworking spaces.

4. Amenities

Coworking: The beauty of working from a coworking space is you get to enjoy various facilities in less cost. Some of the facilities include free/discounted food and drinks, lounge & games, 24×7 access to office, free coffee and tea. Furthermore, basic amenities include high speed wifi, conference rooms, meeting rooms, quite rooms, sleeping rooms, microwave, printers, scanners etc.

Leased office: In a leased office since you are paying for the facilities. Hence, it can be limited with dedicated desk, desktops, high speed wifi, cafeteria, meeting rooms, microwave, printers, scanners etc.

5. Collaboration

Coworking: When you are surrounded by like minded people, there are more chances of a collaboration with never ending events where you get to meet, learn, experience and collaborate with more people giving you the advantage of a good connectivity.

Leased office: With less networking opportunities in a Leased private office, building contacts is not an easy job. You need to step out, social and stay connected with different people. Since you are working in a private office, the chances of meeting people can be less. Hence, collaboration may not come that easy.

Coworking Vs Leased Office | Which one will you opt for?

In the match between Coworking Vs Leased office, even though Coworking has more advantages over leased office but it all comes down to your personal choice. You make a decision based on the vision of your work. In case budget is the issue, coworking can be a stepping stone until you find right place with the budget you are comfortable with.