Dilip Shanghvi – Story and Net Worth of the Second Richest Man of India

Dilip Shanghvi was born on October 1, 1955 in a small town named Amreli situated in the state of Gujarat. He did his schooling from J.J. Ajmera High School and took his degree in Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calcutta. Keep reading to check out Dilip Shanghvi net worth and many achievements.

Dilip Shanghvi is married to Vibha Shanghvi and the couple has a son and a daughter.

Dilip Shanghvi is a reputed Indian businessman and the second richest man in India. He is the founder of the Sun Pharmaceuticals. In the year 2010, Dilip Shanghvi received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He was honored with the Indian Businessman of the Year award in the year 2010. Owing to his hard-work and sharp business skills, the Government of India privileged him with the Padma Shri in the year 2016.

He was ranked at the 8th position in India’s 50 most powerful people of 2017 list by the India Today Magazine. All these awards and achievements received by Dilip Shanghvi speak a lot about his intelligence and creativity in the field that he is active in.

Dilip Shanghvi Net Worth 2017

It was in 2015, when Dilip Shanghvi surpassed Mukesh Ambani and became the richest man of India when the value of his stocks rose tremendously in the market. Although, Mukesh Ambani gained back his position afterwards.

Dilip Shanghvi net worth amounts to $11.4 billion presently.

His journey of becoming a successful businessman has not been so easy. Dilip Shanghvi started off by helping his father in his wholesale pharma business in Kolkata. It was during this time, when he realized to set up his own business named as Sun Pharmaceuticals.  Dilip Shanghvi initiated with a small amount of capital amounting to Rs. 10,000 in the year 1982 at Vapi, Gujarat along with his partner Pradeep Ghosh. 

Dilip Shanghvi majorly focused on lifestyle and psychiatry drugs. With his continuous efforts and strong will power, Sun Pharmaceuticals soon expanded its sales across different countries and is now one of the largest pharmaceuticals company throughout the country.

Reputation and achievements

Sun pharmaceuticals has earned a good reputation in the past years in the market because of the quality of the products that it sells. Also the services provided by the company satisfies the consumers completely.

Dilip Shanghvi was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company in the year 2012.

Dilip Shanghvi completely believes in team work and coordination.

According to him, a businessman can be successful only if he grabs the opportunity instantly before others see it. One should not stop himself/herself from making any decision because of the presence of risk factor, is what Dilip Shanghvi advices to other businessmen in the country.

He uses some of his earnings to grant donations in the charitable institutes. Also, he donates a part of dividends from the Sun Pharmaceuticals into the philanthropic causes.

He has the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. And this is what made him the man that he is today.

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