Check out EasyDaftar Rashbehari, 3rd Signature Coworking Space by Easydaftar In Kolkata

Coworking has been growing all over India at a very fast pace. Eastern India is not behind when it comes to this trend. One of the first movers in the Coworking Domain in Eastern India is EasyDaftar in Kolkata. Easy Daftar has its vibrant spaces spread across Kolkata providing various services to the coworkers. They have maintained a standard through their quality services and best of interiors. It has been not more than 6 months that EasyDaftar launched its Park Street outlet and now, the company has already launched their 3rd outlet – EASYDAFTAR SOUTH (SIGNATURE) in RashbehariRead everything you should know about Easydaftar Rashbehari.

easydaftar Rashbehari

“We help entrepreneurs by providing fully serviced office spaces, thus, saving their capital otherwise required in setting up a place of work”, says EasyDaftar Co- Founder, Sahil Waadhwa. This chain of coworking spaces provides a professional business environment with fully furnished workspaces which are suited to all budgets.  

Offerings by Easydaftar Rashbehari

Numerous and quality amenities are offered to the coworkers at EasyDaftar’s new signature outlet. It is 10,000 sq. ft. huge and has a separate 800 sq. ft. waiting area. The space has separate washrooms for men and women and a dedicated pantry for each floor together with Photocopy machines and printing bays. It has high quality furnishing along with private direct extension telephones in every station. Basic facilities like photocopier, printer, drinking water, air conditioning etc are provided. Support is offered when it comes to IT and Operations. The workspace is cleaned and good maintenance is ensured. It also has a conference room and secure RFID access to the workspace.

easydaftar Rashbehari

Their pricing, when compared to their luxury facilities, is very nominal starting at Rs. 6750 for a personal desk.

The location is EasyDaftar’s Signature outlet’s plus point as it is situated above the Metro station which can take one  anywhere in the city with ease. Kalighat Metro Station is the nearest to this coworking space which is located at Rashbehari crossing.

easydaftar Rashbehari

We had a conversation with Easy Daftar Co-founder about the Coworking Chain about different aspects of the spaces and here are our takeaways on the same.


Culture at EasyDaftar

EasyDaftar presently has 3 Co Working spaces in Kolkata and each has its own distinct features and culture.

Easydaftar Salt Lake

“The community at Salt Lake is fully technology & ITES based”. Coworkers at EasyDaftar are usually business owners or freelancers, therefore, providing a great opportunity to network.

“This is the first of its kind Outlet to open in Kolkata more than 18 months ago” EasyDaftar mentions. This coworking space has contagious culture and energy and increases coworkers productivity and efficiency.

easydaftar Rashbehari

Easydaftar Park Street

EasyDaftar is proud to have a branch at Park Street. They believe that Park Street is to Kolkata what Wall Street is to New York. Also, EasyDaftar mentioned “In business terms, there is no better address on your profile than an office space on Park Street”. Their clients vary from startups to MNCs. EasyDaftar boasts that one can simply take a break from work and wander on the busy, lively streets with living legacies such as Flury’s, Mocambo, Bar-b-Q, Natural’s Ice cream etc. Commuting to Park Street is never a problem. One can use Metro and other transport to access the place.

Easydaftar Rashbehari

The culture of Rashbehari branch is explained by EasyDaftar Founder, Rashbehari forms the heart of the Southern business District of the City. It also forms the first outlet under the EasyDaftar ‘Signature’ range of outlets. Every furnishing & detailing translates the plush & upscale feeling of the Signature brand. Clientele in this outlet is across blue chip MNCs, independent freelancers, Corporates as well as SMEs. The Rashbehari outlet is a mere 5 steps away from the Metro station, from where one can hop across to any part of the City within 15 minutes. With services & offerings comparable to the likes of Regus, and charges from as low as INR 6600 onwards, the Signature brand is one of the best offerings in Kolkata, says Saahil.

Workstations come fitted with Wired line & Wireless Internet, private 4 digit landline extensions, as well as a whopping 40 inch length for hassle free desk space. Clients can take advantage of an 8 seater conference room & 800 Sq. Ft visitor area which also doubles up as a Conceirge for the outlet. If one is in the business of calling Clients over to their outlet to impress them with their services, this is a sure winner to take advantage of!


How do you ensure that startups/businesses working out of EasyDaftar are provided with all the amenities?

To the above question, Saahil answered very confidently that they have more than a year of experience because of which they know what their clients need, want and desire. They keep on improving their services each day. Outlet Heads are hired who are supported by Hospitality Executives in operating the branches. EasyDaftar believes in perfection and therefore takes notice of minutest of details like stationery and misc supplies. At the end, Saahil Wadhwa, Co-founder EasyDaftar states “This is the EasyDaftar quality – Amazing spaces & services at WOW prices! Plug into our Spaces & watch your Work Accelerate!”.



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