Essential Office Space Design Tips that Will go a Long Way

Many of you must be designing your first office space or coworking space. Selecting a new office space design and then implementing it might be one uphill task. Below mentioned are some tips which will help you design your office space:

Make sure your office space includes the break-out spaces

Your office space should not only consist of desks and cabins, but there should also be some break-out spaces. Break-out spaces does not only mean having a cafeteria or a space where someone can talk over the phone quietly, but it also means a space where one can think at peace and bring creative outcomes. Your office should include space where people can exchange thoughts with one another.

Do not make it dim

Design your office in such a manner so that enough of light gets in through the windows. The office space should not be dull and depressing. You have to sit there for at least 8 to 10 hours. Make sure the environment is not gloomy; otherwise, you will not be able to work properly.

Color matters a lot

The office walls should be painted with the color that you love the most. Be it a vibrant, bright color or a calming shade; it all depends on your choice. This will keep you pumped up throughout the day and you will work with more energy.

Furniture Should be Comfortable – Critical for Office Space Design

Invest in your furniture. Imagine how can you sit on a chair for 10 hours if it is not comfortable? Obviously, this is impossible and will surely affect your work a lot. Therefore, to avoid any such situation make sure that the furniture is comfortable enough.

Positioning of the Desk

Avoid keeping the desk in a position which faces a blank wall. It really turns out to depressing. Give yourself a natural view or anything else that suits you. It will increase your working capability.

The design of your office depends entirely how you want to come out to be. However, these little office space design tips might help you keep the essentials in place.

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

  • While designing the interior of the office few things are need to considered and color is one of them. Color of the office has a great impact on the employees, as it tends to create a productive working environment. So it is important to choose good color and nice office furniture. Thanks for sharing the post.

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