Most Exotic Coworking Spaces in the World

Coworking as a trend was started in the first place so that anyone can work from anywhere they want to. You must be aware of hundreds of Coworking Spaces in different cities of India Coworking as a culture has also become a part of traveling. Digital nomads usually prefer working while traveling to exotic places. Imagine – you are updating your company’s facebook page while sipping coffee from a coworking space that has a view of the Himalayas. From beach destinations to coworking on a boat, the world has lots of exotic and creative work spaces. Sounds interesting right? Keep reading below to know more about the most exotic coworking spaces in the world. Too lazy to read? Check out this video to get a glimpse.



1. Hubud, Bali

exotic coworking spaces hubud bali

Ubud is heaven for Digital nomads. The view of the lush green rice paddy fields from the beautiful bamboo interiors of the place is heavenly. The calm and peace of working from Hubud is out of the world. Several networking events also happen in Hubud. Thousands of digital nomads from all over the world ranging from the US, Australia, UK, Japan, Canada etc visit this exotic coworking space. They also have very affordable co-living options so that you never really leave the calm and beautiful place that Hubud is.


2. CoBoat Coworking Expedition – Thailand

exotic coworking spaces - thailand

Co-Boat is a one of its kind expedition that targets digital nomads. Freelancers, writers, photographers, coders- all sail together. The boat can hold 20 people at a time. The coworking expedition starts from Phuket, Thailand and goes on to travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Sailing, scuba diving lessons are also included in the week long expedition.


3. The Surf Office – Lisbon, Malaga, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Madeira

exotic coworking spaces world

The Surf office has expanded very fast all over Spain and Portugal. It is a very unique office setup where everyone gets to go surfing. Each of the office space is situated extremely close to the beach, in fact in most cases it is right on the water. There is a professional office setup inside and it takes you directly out to a surfing expedition there and then. You get surfing lessons and help too!


4. Brooklyn Boulders – Brooklyn New York

exotic coworking spaces world

This coworking space is situated right in the middle of Brooklyn in New York. The space is partly a wall climbing collective and party work space. The most unique part is that the work space desks are located on the top of a 22 foot climbing wall. From the desks, you can actually see other climbers grinding their way up. This one is definitely not for a daily work kind of a routine, but a very exotic and unique one.


5. CocoVivo – Bocas Del Toro, Panama

exotic coworking spaces in the world

This coworking space is situated right on the waters! It is a unique living and working space situated on the southern tip of the Isle De San Cristobal. The space is on a remote island and is accessible only through a boat or kayak. You cannot reach there by road. The internet speed is known to be workable too! The views are breathtaking from this place!! Enjoy isolation and retreat on this remote island. Work could never become more pleasurable.


6. The Ski Locker – The Alps Chamonix France

exotic coworking spaces of the world

The Ski Locker is one of the world’s very few coworking spaces situauted on such a high altitude. It is the first coworking space in the Alps. You can skii, climb and work all together when you are at The Ski Locker. What would be better than skiing, climbing and enjoying snow capped mountain peaks without missing out on what’s going on at work?


7. Boxjelly, Hawaii

exotic coworking spaces world

A coworking space in Hawaii – doesn’t it sound like a thing that dreams are made of? This coworking space is a state of the art proffesional facility located just a mile away from the beach. The facilities and ambience that the coworking space provides are comparable to those you get in major cities. There are desk spaces, phone booths, conference rooms and training rooms available for rent on hour/day/month basis as per your requirement.


Here were some of the exotic coworking spaces situated in the world. We have already written about Coworking Spaces in Goa and Coworking Spaces with a view in India.

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