Glimpses of the BuzzFest 2017 Event held at BHIVE Workspace

Buzzfest 2017 – Sharing Economy was held at BHIVE Workspace on the 24th of January 2017. The event was held in order to bring all startup enthusiasts together and encourage sharing resources in order to excel as a whole. You can also check out our list of upcoming Coworking & Startup Events in Mumbai and coworking & Startup events in Delhi.

Buzzfest 2017 at BHIVE Workspace

The event was very well received by the attendees. More than 600 people had registered for the event.  300+ attendees, which included over 200 founders, co-founders and CEOs from a wide range of start-ups. The event was watched by over 5000 people LIVE on Facebook and Twitter. BHIVE Workspace’s #ShareInIndia campaign was trending on Twitter during the event.

The event was live on Facebook which reached 10,000 people and received 1,418 unique views with over 250 comments, reactions and shared on the video.


Glimpses from the Event


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