Glimpses of our Growth Hack Charcha Event with Odeon Social & Bobble App

Growth Hack Charcha was held at Odeon Social Connaught Place, Delhi on 27th June. We had invited the CEO and VP Engineering of Bobble App & Keyboard to discuss growth hacking and low budget marketing. The event saw more than 200 registrations and 100+ attendees.

Firstly, we want to thank everyone who came to the event and made it a huge success. We also want to thank the superb panelists – Mr. Ankit Prasad & Mr. Rahul Prasad who provided such insightful and valuable information to the attendees.

Coworking India Magazine is extremely grateful to the Odeon Social team for providing a stupendous venue and such efficient help in promotions, management and hospitality of the event.

What was the Session About

The 2 hour session was about Growth Hacking & creating a viral product. Ankit Prasad and Rahul Prasad – CEO & VP Engineering respectively of Bobble app & keyboard were the panelists of the Charcha. Bobble app & Keyboard has seen viral growth since the past few years. The app has more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store & App store. Bobble is still witnessing exponential growth and has amazing retention.

While all of us think it is just a creative app that people like, Ankit & Rahul actually acquainted the audience with mind boggling tech & analytics that they apply in order to fuel growth. They shared various methods of analytics, iteration, A/B testing and what not.


Key Takeaways From the Growth Hack Charcha

More than 200 people had registered and around 100 had attended the Charcha (our very first event!). Various topics of growth hacking and product marketing in India were touched upon. From creating a viral product to scaling up & also how to get funding for your startup; everything was discussed in details. Here are the key takeaways from the Growth hack charcha:

  • Beta test your product with at least 100 users and take their feedback seriously. Use several parameters to get their feedback in a structured manner.
  • Iteration never ends. From beta testing to 10 million users – the Bobble team still uses hundreds of experimental URLs and keeps iterating & updating their processes.
  • Make analytics your best friend. Use innovative ways of analysis and feedback.
  • If your product has exponential growth (be it in active users or revenue) with stable expenses, it will be easier for you to get funded.


The audience also asked questions related to their startups. The panelists helped them with their doubts & queries.


Audience Feedback

Dear Team Coworking India Magazine,
Congratulations for conducting a fantastic “Charcha” yesterday at the Odeon Social!
Not only was it informative and insightful, it was funny and entertaining as well. Kudos to the way you moderated the whole discussion. Your suggestion on how to pitch our “Story” by basing it on what it can bring to the publisher/partner, rather than sentimentality was an eye opener.
We look forward to more such events in the future.
– Ritz Chattarjee, Manager Sales & RA –
Really enjoyed the session yesterday. Looking forward to attend more on the similar lines.
– Ankit Gupta, Attendee

The Glimpses!

Optimized-growth hack charcha

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