How government can help to boost coworking culture in India

Coworking Spaces are helping startups in multifold ways. Be it in the for of affordable resources or easily accessible community, coworking spaces are giving a big boost to the startup ecosystem in India. However, Coworking Spaces are seeking help from the Government in many fields where the policies are not very coworking supportive. Read down below what the Coworking Spaces are looking at from the Government:

What should be the Object Clause for Coworking Space while Registering one?

As you might be aware, while registering a company the owner has to state the purpose of the company. Presently, coworking spaces do not have any particular options available. They either have to state themselves as real estate or as tech support. The Coworking Spaces are seeking purpose clauses for their business of providing shared office space and resources.


Subsidised Land & Resources, similar to that of Universities

According to Coworking Space ecosystem, it is providing a lot of value to boosting entrepreneurship in India. Thus, provision of land and resources at subsidised rates should be done to Coworking Spaces. While Universities & Colleges help the students to learn the basics and get their degrees, Coworking Spaces are providing a platform to the Entrepreneurs to create companies out of the country and provide employment.


Provision of Subsidised high speed Internet to Coworking Spaces

Similar to what happens in Universities, the Coworking Spaces should also receive subsidised internet connections. Presently, Coworking Spaces are using commercial internet connections for which the prices are very high. This results in higher costs for the budding startups. If the Government provides support to the Coworking Spaces in this case, the startups will also have to bear less stress of seating space and concentrate on their work more.


Protection of Coworking Spaces in Case of Address Registered Startups Defaults

Startups mostly use the Coworking Space’s address for registering their companies with the Indian Government. The Coworking Spaces are at risk in this case when the Startup leaves their space. Once the startup ends its lease with the Coworking Space and moves on, a Coworking Space is still liable to any company defaults and issues because of the registration address. There should be a provision of protection for Coworking Spaces & Flexible offices in this case.


Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.