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Greendesks Coworking in Delhi is located at 404 Vishal Bhawan, 95 Nehru Place. The main motive of Greendesks Coworking is to provide the best facilities and services to its co-workers.

We got down at Nehru Place station via Delhi metro. After taking the exit, it was not so easy for us to find the exact location. However with the help of Google Maps we somehow reached Vishal Bhawan, and then reached Greendesks. The location is very confusing to find, however not too far from the metro station. 

 When we finally reached the coworking space, they did not allow us to review the place.

We are writing this review on the basis of whatever sneak peeks that we could take and the pictures on their website:

 There was a separate meeting room, an open desk area, a pantry and a private office area. The coworking space was very spacious and could easily  accommodate quite a large number of co-workers. Everything was arranged in a systematic manner. But the interiors of Greendesks coworking seemed to be a little worn out, with sizes of desks and cabins being too small for coworkers to work out of.

However, the outside environment of the place was not very favourable. There was so much of hassle outside, and the sourrounding were not hygienic, with ongoing people spitting there. Though we understand that being situated in Nehru Place, these things are likely to happen. This is because Nehru Place is a very sought after commercial location and in Delhi. With so much of advantages available at Nehru Place; easy availability of transport facilities, too many eating joints, an evergreen market, one could expect a lot of footfall in the area and thus the chaos that follows.

Greendesks Coworking provides a lot of quality services to its co-workers. Fully air conditioned, 100 mbps internet connection, high data security, UPS power, modular workstation etc. Services of free tea and coffee are also provided to the co-workers.

The pricing scheme of the Greendesks Coworking is also economical.

Monthly Pass: Rs. 5500

Daily Pass: Rs. 350

Team Rooms: Rs. 35000

You can check out all the pricing details and contact details on their website.

Review of the Greendesks Coworking:

Pros: Good internet speed, AC, economical pricing scheme

Cons: Difficult to locate, in a very crowded area, cabin sizes smaller than expected, little too worn out, staff not very friendly

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.