Step by Step Guide To Succeed as a Freelancer India

A freelancer is an individual who makes money in his/her own way. Someone who is not entitled to a monthly salary. He/She is a person who took the leap to leave a stable job to explore the unlimited opportunities that lie ahead. Several studies are revealing that freelance is the future of work. There are more than 15 Million freelancers in India presently and the number is increasing rapidly. We all read multiple stories about millionaire solopreneurs and location independent entrepreneurs who are not only living their dream life but also making good money on the way. But is the journey easy? No certainly not. There is a lot of struggle, risk & hard work involved. So, how do you get started? Keep reading this step by step guide to succeed as a freelancer India:


1. Know Your Skills Well

Whether you have just quit your full time job, are looking for a side gig or are a work from home person, it is most important to know your skills. What is the field that you want to work into? If you have been wishing to become a writer some day and have been waiting to quit your tech job to write, freelancing will pave the way for you. You can also do different jobs like code, wordpress, HTML, writing, sales, data entry etc and find out which one you like the most. It is important to go for those tasks that you enjoy doing and think you can be better than others. Freelance means doing what you love and thus going one step ahead of everyone with your passion.


2. Create an Account on Credible Freelance Websites

If you are a freelancer India, you will face the problem of several people asking you for money to give you a work from home job in India. The truth is – freelance jobs have been and will always be absolutely free. It all depends on your talent, hardwork and the time you can contribute. Here is a list of some major websites that you can create an account on to get started with freelancing:

Know 26 more niche Upwork alternative credible freelance websites to get online work.



3. Select your Work Niche and “Find Jobs”

freelancer india guide

On freelance websites like Upwork, Outsourcely, Freelancer etc, you need to select your skills or categories like marketing, writing, sales, wordpress, PHP, android etc and then click on “Find Jobs”. For example, I have added the categories as shown on the left into my account. When I click on “find Jobs”, Upwork will start showing me relevant job postings to my selected categories.


4. Job Application – Practical Tips

Now comes the most crucial part. Once you have created an account and found the jobs you want to apply to, you need to start applying to those jobs. While many people quit at this very step labelling it very hard, on the other hand, the ones who get through here are the ones who succeed. There will be very high competition on the good quality jobs that are high paying. Here are some tips that can help you score jobs as a freelancer india:

  • If you are a beginner, it is advisable to apply for smaller tasks and lower paying jobs.
  • Always write a personalised job application. Never copy paste one text on multiple applications.
  • Using the client’s name in the beginning can build trust. If you start your application with “Hey John” instead of “Hi”, your conversation rates will increase drastically.
  • Even if you completed a $5 job, do ask the client to give a rating on your profile. That is the most important thing which clients use as a parameter to decide whether to grant the job to you or not.
  • Build a good profile with ratings and work hours and work your way up on freelance websites.


5. Milestones, Work Schedules  & Payments

If you are fretting about how you will get paid and when, don’t worry. Most freelance websites have secure payment methods and try to get the payment towards your bank account without fail. However, it is important on your part to stay careful and work with verified clients and work on milestone payments. In our Upwork Reviews article, we spoke to several experienced freelancers and employers about payment security on freelance website Upwork, and they had some tips to share. Here’s some excerpts from that:

Freelancers find the payment process of Upwork smooth and reliable. In some cases when you come across some tricky clients, Upwork does intervene and help you solve the issues. It is important to work with verified clients. Ask your client to work on a hourly basis. If they insist on a milestone project, then take some % of the amount as upfront and then milestone payments as per the submission of work.


Tips to Cut the Competition and Succeed as a Freelancer India:

1. Don’t ignore the importance of having a complete Profile and Case studies

An incomplete profile raises a red flag in the eyes of prospective clients. There are several work experience fields, tests, about fields etc depending upon platform to platform. Be as descriptive as you can. The key to a successful freelancer india career is a complete and attractive profile on all freelance platforms. Complete your profile with uploading samples and case studies. Half your job will be done when the client will have already seen your previous work and has established trust.


2. Complete work before time and politely ask for ratings from the client

When you are starting out, commit the timelines that you are confident of completing. Do not make the mistake of delayed work because that might result in negative ratings from the clients. If you complete the work before time, you will be in a very good position to ask for a rating and  be confident that the client will give a good one.


3. Create your own schedule for bidding and working

A common dilemma that comes in the mind of a freelancer India is about time management. Once they start bidding for projects, they end up spending all the time on bidding and talking to clients and no time is left for completing the work. Thus, you have to be very strict about your own time schedule and create a balance between the two.


4. Have Buffer Time & Finances Between Payment Schedules

Upwork and some other freelance websites have a hold time before they release your payments. That hold time is usually between 10-15 days. Apart from that, even if you work directly with clients, they will take some time in releasing your payments. Thus, it will be beneficial if you keep buffer time and finances with you so that you don’t face financial issues.



Here was a step by step guide along with resources for you to begin and succeed as a freelancer India. There is no dearth of freelance opportunities on the internet right now that you can leverage. Take the risk, manage time efficiently, build a profile and become a successful freelancer. This is the best time to do so!




Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.