Student Startup Hello Meal – A Story of Starting Up, Shutting Down & Rebuilding

What will you do when your growing startup is forced to shut down by factors that are not in your control?

Co-Founders of Student startup, Hello Meal – Tushar Kanti Das, Amandeep Singh & Saraswati Mishra were not willing to give up after their growing startup shut down due to location issues in the city. Read below to know how they picked up the fallen pieces and rebuilt their startup.

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Shutting Down & Rebuilding Hello Meal

Hello Meal app based delivery service which was started in April 2017, has seen a lot of ups and down, but are still going strong.  After working for one month, and serving around 50-60 orders per day, they had to close down because of location issues in the neighborhood. Then after one month, they shifted to a new location and had to start from the scratch.

“We started our service again, and we had no orders for few days. I used to give calls to all our customers that we are open for orders but nothing happened. Since exams were over and very few students were here, we had very little orders. So, we used to open our kitchen and no orders used to come.  It was after 22 July that orders started to come, students were back and we were expecting some orders. From 30-40 orders a day we reached to 140 orders a day. And currently we are doing near about 160-170 orders a day, with 80% repeat customers. Till date we have served 9981 orders with 2905 customers in just 3 Months. Are the count is increasing day by day. The highest order we delivered on a day was 195 orders.” said Tushar, co-founder of Hello Meal.

Why Did They Start Hello Meal?

On asking from where did this idea came from, he told us that he is from West Bengal where one can feed himself for just 40 bucks but in Delhi it is tough to survive and you can’t have street food daily as it not healthy. After his graduation, he with his two friends started Happy Meal, where they can provide people with healthy food or a basic meal at economical prices.

Hello Meal provides orders from 11 am to midnight. The best part? You can even pre book your orders and also gift a meal to your loved ones. Also, an economic and regular meal can be bought for just INR 69 which includes 3 roti, dal/Kadhi/Chole/Rajma, Rice, Daily vegetable, Raita and Salad and that too without any delivery charges.  You can order food from their App or can call on their toll free number.

Details About The Startup

Happy Meal is currently located in Vijay Nagar and has been featured by many Delhi University pages, The Hindu, Startup India, and Eat Treat. So, now you know from where you can order some delicious meal at economical and pocket friendly prices.


Call: 18002005565




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