Plug & Play Offices vs Coworking Spaces | How are they different?

Plug & Play offices vs coworking spaces
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Coworking Spaces are the latest concept in India. Startups are preferring Coworking Spaces instead of traditional offices because of the flexibility and resources provided there. But, so does a plug & play office/Rent a desk office! Then, how are Coworking Spaces different and do they have an added advantage? Read on below our plug & play offices vs coworking spaces roundup:


Plug & Play Offices vs Coworking Spaces

Plug & play offices simply provide desks and other infrastructure to startups whereas Coworking Spaces provide a complete community to them. Coworking Spaces are areas of innovation and creativity where you not only get infrastructure to work but also like minded people.

Coworking as a concept was introduced in India by some early entrants like 91Springboard and BHIVE Coworking. These initial people identified the needs of a startup and came up with the concept. As they say, it was and is still difficul to explain the meaning of “community” to people. An ecosystem is created by coworking spaces which includes events, mentors, like minded people, guidance and motivation.

On the other hand, plug & play offices will provide you with the basics that you need to run a company. Plug & Play offices will fit your bill if you are looking for a quite corner for your team to work out of. But if you are looking for a space where you could connect with other startups, mentors and experts, it will be worth for you to go to a coworking space.


Prices of Coworking Spaces vs Desk Rentals

Coworking spaces tend to be a little higher than rent a desk/plug & play spaces but definitely cheaper than traditional office setups. Most rent a desk (depending on city) are available at a cost of INR 3000 – 4000 per month in cities like Delhi, Bangalore etc but good coworking spaces would cost you upwards of INR 6000/- per month.

This was our coworking space vs plug and play office roundup. Do share your views on what you think!

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