How are Coworking Spaces Helping the World to Create Office-Less Companies

Locations of employees of Automattic on a world map

Many companies in the world are switching to create office-less companies these days. Automattic, the company behind WordPress has a 100 percent distributed workforce, which means their employees work from wherever they want to in the whole wide world. The locations of employees are mapped in a world map on their website. Thus generating location independent jobs for people from around the world.

Apart from the movement happening in large companies, a lot of employees are also handing in their resignations to start out on their own and live a nomad lifestyle, that is to work while traveling the world. It is believed that traveling makes you more productive, opens your mind to a million new sights and helps you think out of the box.

Thus a lot of companies are allowing their employees to ditch the four walls and work from their own location, at their own will. This helps employees to not only travel, but also to fulfil their essential responsibilities in life and spend more time with their families. With cities in the world getting even more crowded with each minute, commute to the office takes away most of the day’s time & energy and leaves the employees exhausted. Even in Indian metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai people spend around 4 hours of their day in traffic!

If you have been worrying about how to setup a distributed workforce or how to have an office-less company or how to work while you travel, then coworking spaces can help you in many ways, some of which are listed below:

No Setup & Overhead costs

If your office is in Bengaluru and you really liked the resume of that guy from Delhi, you don’t need to ask him to move all the way. It will save you the cost, him the hassle. You can easily select a coworking space in Delhi and ask your team member to work from there. you don’t need to have any office setup costs or overheads. Place a team member, forget about the worries related to infrastructure and concentrate on work.

Safety and monitoring

Most coworking spaces in the country have proper access systems, CCTV cameras, guards, management staff etc. You don’t need to worry about your team members working alone from an office. There would be proper attendance mechanism through the coworking space’s existing infrastructure and there would be many people working along so the safety concerns will definitely be taken care of.

Helping employees stay close to family

Coworking spaces help companies to retain the employees who might be leaving due to the distance of the office from their home. There are many new moms & dads who leave their job because of the time taken to go to office and come back. If they are placed in a coworking space which is in close proximity of their own home, it becomes easier for them to continue working and take care of their family as well.

Availability of working environment & internet  even in remote areas

In case of traveling employees/entrepreneurs, a major issue arises in terms of finding a proper working environment & internet facilities. Many coworking spaces have sprung up in areas including the Himalayas and the beach towns which let people work even when they are traveling. They give you the freedom of choosing your location and become more productive.

Coworking spaces are helping people grow and work in many ways, ability to work from anywhere being one of them. If your company is going through a patch where you need to acquire that talent but he’s located someplace else, don’t let go! Hire that person and utilise the facility of a coworking space. You will never feel the need of setting up your own office again.

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.