Breaking the ice: How to go about Business Networking in an Event

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Every startup owner, solopreneur, team lead and anyone who wants to learn attends numerous business events in hope of finding out value from it. Several investment events, coworking events, business events and industry events happen on a day-to-day basis. Several industry stalwarts attend those events and so does investors and other people of importance. Thus, finding yourself in the lurch is inevitable with so many line-up of events, thousands of people attending them and a whole lot of chaos around you. Here are some tips to go about business networking in an event:

  • Go through the list of Speakers who are coming, research about them and know their timings well

If you are attending an event, you must know who all are attending, what is the event exactly about and what are the timings that will be most useful for you. If you are interested in technology, then research upfront which technology speakers &  delegates are attending. Track down their time of speaking, be there while they deliver and right after that be the first to track them right after the session. The first one who lands a conversation with the speaker right after the session is the one who gets the maximum knowledge.

  • Wear it on your sleeve!

Yes literally, make a badge of your name, company, strengths and wear it on the pocket of your coat/shirt. This is an unusual but a really smart move. People won’t know by looking at your face if you are a social media ace with 20k followers on twitter, but they will know when they see it on your badge. This is one great hack for business networking in an event to land people to talk to you in an event instead of you initiating it.

  • Don’t miss the after-parties

A lot of entrepreneurs attend the events and just leave for home. Well, the after parties are the events when you actually get to talk to the people you want to. Check if the people you have been wanting to talk to are attending the after-party or not and then gear up. In the party, don’t try to be too obnoxiously branding your own product but start with small talk and then lead up the conversation towards your startup and what are your interests related to it.

  • Ask Questions in sessions

The people who ask questions in mentor sessions are the ones who get a lot of attention from not only the speakers but the co-attendees as well. Co-attendees also find it a tad more comfortable networking with you post-session if you are a familiar face. You might find out the right co-founder or a great partnership in the co-attendees that you speak to!

Great networking is an art. But the key takeaway is to not go overboard in marketing your brand while you go about business networking in an event. Do your research well, prepare and then start with small talk. Lead the conversation towards you want to once you have the attention of the person you are talking to.

Wish you success!

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.