How Can Travelling to New Landscapes help you boost Productivity

Travel – The experience of exploration, change of landscape and getting out of your own comfort zone to discover something new. Often times, Entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in a rut of negative thoughts and mundane schedules. They often feel like they are chained to their startups and the team and it won’t survive if they move an inch. Well, the truth is travelling can help you boost productivity and bring a positive change in your life.

Not Taking Breaks might Break you Down

Working on the startup without any breaks might be harmful for emotional and physical well being. If one keeps working in the same schedule and the same levels of stress, he/she is prone to have a burn out. Travel can bring a new perspective to the usual work hours & schedules.

Who Said you Cannot Work While you Travel?

Most parts of the world are connected to the internet. It is not tough to stay connected to your business and team while travelling. With flexible & convenient Coworking spaces present everywhere, travelling while working is no more a dream. You can simply book a hotel with wifi or subscribe to a coworking space’s flexible offers and plan your time accordingly. This way you can take long vacations without worrying about your business suffering.

How to Manage Time while Travelling to Boost Productivity

Here are some tips that you can follow while travelling to boost productivity:

  • Wake up Early and finish off work before heading out to explore.
  • Always carry a power bank/extra batteries for your phone
  • Check out all the wifi points and coworking spaces at your travel destinations online before hand
  • Try to book a hotel/hostel that has free wifi
  • Schedule Email checking times and inform your clients beforehand that you will reply only during those times.


With these little hacks, you will be able to boost productivity not just while travelling but also after you get back to your own city. Travel will refresh your mindset and fill you with fresh energy to carry on your work!

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.