The Human Library Event is now Happening in Mumbai!

After the successful Human Library event in Delhi, The Human Library team is now all geared up for its next event in Mumbai. The Human Library team feels that people should get to meet other people and know their stories. This is very important in today’s world so that we can get rid of biased notions towards life. It also helps in getting a positive perspective towards our own life by knowing about others’.


The Human Library Mumbai event is going to happen in Bandra on 2nd July.

The main aim that HLM strives to achieve is driving away the several invisible prejudices that separate us.


The Human Library Concept

Under the human library concept, you can borrow a human for 20 minutes and listen to their interesting life stories. You can also ask questions, learn about their experiences and get to know more. The experience is similar to that of reading a live book.

The human library concept was brought into existence by Ronni Abergel and his brother Dany along with colleagues Asma Mouna and Christoffer Erichsen. Furthermore, they initiated the concept in Copenhagen in the year 2000 as a project for the Roskilde Festival. Most important, the purpose behind introducing this interesting concept was to challenge the prejudice and stereotypes in the society.


Human Library Mumbai Event Details

The Human Library Mumbai event is going to happen on

Date: 2nd July

Time: 2:00 PM.

Venue: Title Waves Book store & Cafe

Address: 24th Road, TPS III, Bandra 400050 Mumbai



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