Inside Indian Startups’ Coolest Offices: Papercup Accessories – Happiest Startup Ever!

Papercup Accessories is a Kolkata based accessories startup that calls itself the “Happiest Startup Ever”. Well, after a look into its cool office and work culture, we also think they are one of the happiest startups in the country. Let’s explore more about Papercup and what makes them special.

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About Papercup Accesories

Papercup, also known as the Happiest Start-up Ever is a start-up based in Kolkata that has an exciting work culture.
Primarily a product design company, it works with a bunch of extremely creative freelance graphic designers and even young women from the slums of Kolkata. The startup not only focusses on creating business and making money, but also on something higher than that. They work for the betterment of the society and also towards making the lives of their team members happier. Papercup’s merchandise range from home decor accessories to stationery. They bring about designers’ dreams to reality. A brand that is extremely young at heart; it is selling through seven physical points in Kolkata (including famous Bookstores and Cafes of the city) and pan-India through their e-store –



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Papercup’s Office & Work Culture

The workspace of Papercup is not just quirky but full of colours and life. The vibrancy and happiness of the startup is a rare sight in the corporate culture.

The rooftop of the office has a life-size graffiti which acts as an amazing backdrop for promotional music video shoots as well as
regular office days. The same roof has also hosted events like jamming, spoken word poetry and flea market selling.
papercup accessories

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Word From the Founder of Papercup Accessories

Somrwita Guha, Founder at Papercup Accessories says, “Papercup was selling through third-party websites like Facebook and through events prior to this. We still continue to do so. We focus on hosting events every now and then because we do treat Papercup more as an umbrella under which all kinds of talent can thrive. So we usually have some live jamming session, spoken word poetry, live art in our events paired with a crazy sale of Papercup merchandise. For the past one year (since the time we became a full-fledged startup) we have nicely fit ourselves into the corporate gifting space as well.”



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It is heart warming to see startups like Papercup work towards the mental well being and happiness of their team. A large percentage, in fact one out of every two employees suffers from depression according to this survey. All Indian startups and corporate should work towards creating a better and happier work environment for their employees. It should be one of the major agendas of the Human resource departments and organisations.


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