Is OYO Also Trying To Enter the Coworking Domain with OYO Townhouse?

oyo townhouse
Image: myHQ website

According to a recent development, OYO Townhouse in Green Park has also opened a coworking space in the complex. The company has tied up with myHQ to manage and provide the Coworking Space. OYO Townhouse is the company’s offering for premium mid-market segment. With its approach, it looks like OYO Is trying to build something similar to what IBIS, Lemon Tree, Sarovar do in the premium mid-market segment. They have a premium hotel and also conference/office facilities along with it.

There were speculations that Oyo is also facing dark days with a high number of dropped sales and scores of customer complaints. But it looks like Oyo is trying to get its horses under control in time. With the addition of new properties each day and  launch of flagship chains like OYO Townhouse, the company might already be out of rough waters.

Recently, myHQ announced in a blog post on their website about their tie-up with OYO Town house. Most importantly, they also announced that myHQ coworking might be a part of each OYO Townhouse that comes up.

OYO Townhouse Coworking at Green Park

The OYO Townhouse 002 is situated in Green Park. The location is one of the prime real estate of Delhi. The hotel looks very prim and posh as soon as you enter it. The interiors give a royal feel and it is a stark contrast from the offering that Oyo started with – Budget hotels. As everyone knows, Oyo gained widespread popularity with its USP of budget hotels and great deals. However, maybe due to the huge gap between the bottom and top likes, Oyo is also planning to enter different domains.

The myHQ coworking space inside OYO Townhouse has desks to work on, a cafe and a well equipped conference room. Look at some pictures from the newly opened OYO myHQ Coworking :


oyo townhouse


oyo townhouse



oyo townhouse coworking


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