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Bangalore is a city that is known for its startup culture. Startups had started emerging in Bangalore first before anywhere else in the country. Thus the city is home to many Coworking Spaces since many years to help startups with resources that they require for starting up. Jaaga Coworking Bangalore works towards not only providing coworking space but to also provide financial and resource aid to selected startups. We interviewed the folks at Jaaga and here are the excerpts from the conversation. Read more about Jaaga coworking below:

When was Jaaga Co-working space founded and who is the founder?

The coworking space was established in the year 2009 by Archana Prasad and Freeman Murray. They started this space as an initiative to bring startups in the non-profit and social sector together. However, the business kept evolving and became a hub for startups of all kinds to come together and work under one roof. 

Startups that work out of Jaaga Coworking Bangalore

Jaaga aims at a variety of startups to work from this place. Presently the startups working from here are from different fields namely Artificial Intellingence, fashion, HR, urban gardening etc. It is an amalgamation of all startups coming together and sharing the common passion of entrepreneurship.

What is unique at Jaaga Coworking Bangalore?

Unlike other coworking spaces, Jaaga coworking space is not-for-profit. Thus they offer affordable prices to the coworkers with the availability of all resources that they require for smooth operation of their startup.

Events at the Jaaga co-working space

Jaaga Coworking Bangalore holds a number of events on a regular basis. Various programmes are organised by this coworking space which boosts skill sharing amongst the coworkers. 

Prices, location and contact details

The price structure of Jaaga Coworking Bangalore is given as follows:

Daily Pass: Rs. 250 per person

Part time Pass: Rs.2000 per person

Flexible Seating: Rs.4000 per month per person

Dedicated Seating: Rs. 5000 per month per person

Location: Jaaga Startup PH1, Sixth Floor, Rich Homes 5/1 Richmond Road Bangalore


Email: hello@jaagastartup.in

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