Jugnoo’s Founder Samar Singla Shares His Entrepreneurial Journey at Innov8 Chandigarh

Every big journey starts from small steps. Whether it is about business or anything else, the one who takes risks and shows perseverance during his/her hard times wins the race. Founder of  Jugnoo (India’s one of the biggest hyperlocal app service companies), Samar Singla shared his entrepreneurial journey with folks in Chandigarh at Innov8 Chandigarh Campus. His journey started in 2009 when he graduated and went to US to study PHD in applied physics. In 8 months he realized that this is not something he would want to pursue as a career. So he came back and started working on Jugnoo. Check out this video to know the complete story.

Samar Singla, Jugnoo



Rutavi Bhatia

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