Indian Startups’ Coolest Work Cultures: How Kafal Software is Disrupting Data Automation

Under this series, we share the culture of rapidly growing startups in India. This week, we are speaking to the team of Kafal Software, a Data automation company based out of Delhi NCR. This startup helps businesses in Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

They work at high end technologies and have a very close knit team that works super hard to achieve high goals. We spoke to Kafal Software’s Co-Founder Aeshna Kapoor and asked some questions. Let’s have a look at how Kafal Soft’s work culture is and how they work & chill together:

Which Teams Exist in the Company and How Do they Function?

Aeshna: Our team believes that we are part of a generation where technology is defining industries. A large part of Fortune 500 companies are having existence challenge because of what technology companies have done. With that focus our team is focussed on next gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation, Data Science and Big Data.

kafal soft team

The teams focus on industry specific business problems and then work with our customers to develop a scalable solution around that.

What is the average age of the employees?

Aeshna: The team is pretty young. The average age of the employees is around 25-28 yrs.

Do you follow an open work culture or a hierarchical culture in the company and why?

Aeshna: We follow open culture because in new age companies, creativity & ideas should be given  a fair chance. Also, Most of the big ones we know of have been originated in garages 🙂

Do you hold team bonding sessions/trips? How often, what do you do?

Aeshna: Yes, we believe in “work hard, party harder”. Thus, every week we have a team get together for lunch or dinner. Outside of it we have brown bag lunch sessions which enables informal way of exchanging ideas.

What role does work culture play in the business prospectives & growth of Kafal and how?

Aeshna: Since we are focussing on technologies that are still evolving; an open culture enables learning with a fail fast approach.

What do you primarily look for while hiring people?

Aeshna: I look for three things: Technology appreciation for business impact, Zeal to learn new technology & Attitude to fail and learn quickly.

How would you define Kafal’s work culture in a sentence?

Aeshna: Army of Digital Disruptors 🙂



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