Karolina Goswami And Her Work Towards India with blog India In Details

Karolina Goswami is a typical European girl, who got married to Anurag Goswami, an entrepreneur in furniture and interior designing. The couple first met in Europe.

She visited India for the very first time in the year 2014. Initially, it took her some time to adjust in India as things were not so easy and common for her. But after a point of time, she realized that Europeans are not aware of what India is all about. They have some misconceptions built in their mind from the very beginning, and are unaware of the beauty of this country. Thus, Karolina Goswami decided to know the reality behind this country and dig very deep. Thus, she started her blog named “India in details”.

What is India in Details all about?

India in details is a joint project by Karolina Goswami and her husband Anurag Goswami, wherein, Karolina Goswami discusses her outsider’s viewpoint about the country to the entire world.

Karolina Goswami India in details
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She not only praises India, but gives the complete information that is required for an individual to know the culture and tradition of this country, to understand the thinking of the Indian society.

Indian Economy in Depth-A documentary by Karolina Goswami

Karolina Goswami’s documentary on Indian Economy became very viral on the social media. It had approximately 6 million views on Facebook itself.  In her documentary, Karolina Goswami speaks about Indian economy in her own style. She has tried to show the modern side of India in a very creative and beautiful manner.

Karolina Goswami
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In her documentary, she mentioned some words, which have now become very famous.

“India is not just developing, India is reclaiming”.

A second part of the documentary was also published, which was really liked and appreciated by the people.

Documentary on Demonetization

Karolina Goswami also published a documentary on demonetization. She stated the facts about the demonetizing policy in a very simple and clear manner so that people could understand what the entire concept is all about and no unbiased opinions are based.

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Who is her source of inspiration?

Karolina Goswami considers her husband, Anurag Goswami as her source of inspiration. According to her, she cannot do anything without her husband. Furthermore, His investments in India in details from his own savings really made a huge impact on the success of Karolina Goswami. 

Karolina Goswami Parents
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Also, the incidents that she faced in Europe motivated her to do something that portrays a true picture of India in front of everybody. Her own family and friends were not very supportive in her decision of going to India and marrying a man from India. Therefore, her projects and documentaries brought out what India exactly is in front of the entire world.

The entire team that helps Karolina Goswami to produce such documentaries and short films is worth appreciating. They are really doing a great job.

India is really grateful towards Karolina Goswami. The country thanks her for the wonderful work that she has done and is still doing for the nation. Most important, hKarolina Goswami And Her Work Towards India her efforts have really brought a tremendous change in the outlook of the people towards India. People have stopped making any preconceptions without knowing what the reality is.

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