How You Keep Your Desk Says a lot About Your Success & Career Path

Your desk is the space where you spend most of your day. You work, eat, drink pretty much spend all the waking hours there (atleast on weekdays). How you keep your desk can determine how you tackle situations and thus how will your success path be.

Check out what different types of desk organisations could mean:


1. An organised desk means you are timely and reliable

If you keep everything at its place and always have an organised desk, it means you are good at sticking to commitments. A career which involves great amount of discipline will suit you. If you are into a profession that involves delivering professional services to others, you are very likely to do well. When people see an organised desk,they will be more comfortable in depending on you.


2. If you have an unorganised desk, you are creative

If you have many things lying around on your desk in an unorganised manner, you are a creative person. You might achieve great heights in a creative field! The beauty of creative people is that it’s all in their head. They don’t need to look at an OCD level room to get ideas. They can generate ideas from a room that others might label as a store room!


3. Too many motivational posters mean you’re the anxious type

If you have too many motivational posters around, it is most likely that you have a “Type A” personality. It represents the kind of people who get anxious, aggressive when things don’t go their way. Well, it’s not a bad thing either. Great things are achieved when you follow them aggressively.


4. Inviting things say that you’re an extrovert

If you have inviting things like a bean bag around for someone else to sit, or a candy jar on your desk that you love to offer to people; it shows that you have an extroverted personality. You love when people come over to your office/desk to chat.


These are some of the ways which represent in which field you can choose your career and get successful. This might also help you find a good co-founder for you. As said by Varun Chawla, cofounder at 91springboard, cofounders with complementary skills are awesome. What do you guys think? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.