Knowlarity Moves Its Office to Wework Bangalore!

Coworking spaces have taken the country’s office culture by storm. The dynamics of how startups and companies work are changing. Several startups had set up coworking spaces in India way back in 2013. However, from 2016 the Indian coworking market started gaining attention from all over the world. Several international coworking and business centre chains began to setup shop in India. Regus has expanded its roots in the country and unicorn Wework has also launched its first coworking in India.Wework Bangalore is by far the biggest coworking space in India.  It has a seating capacity of 2200 people. It was communicated by Karan Virwani, CEO Wework that at the time of launch 800 seats were already booked. The cloud telephony company Knowlarity has also been added into the list of startups working from Wework Bangalore.

Knowlarity is India’s number 1 cloud telephony company. It provides world class solutions to startups as well as established corporations. There has been much appreciation for Knowlarity and its founder Ambarish Gupta all over the startup world.

Check out some of the pictures of Knowlarity’s team working from Wework:






Ambarish Gupta also posted on his facebook and appreciated working from WeWork.



Several well established and funded startups are moving their teams to Coworking Spaces. There was news about Paytm shifting to Innov8 and Zomato shifting its Nagpur team to Chaos Theory as well. The move can be strategically and financially beneficial for startups as it helps cut cost and boost office culture.



Gaurav Bisht

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