Letter Earthlings Event at Hearken Cafe Delhi Will Let you Rediscover the Magic of Hand written Letters

Do you remember the last time you sent a hand written letter to someone? No, right! Gone are those days when we used to pen down our thoughts and feelings to send out to someone. We then, used to wait for the response for days, even months. We used to imagine what the other person might be feeling while reading our letters. Such a beautiful activity, letter writing! However, in today’s world of electronic media, when a text message reaches within a second and you get the response in the next; letters have ceased to exist. The Letter Earthlings event at Hearken Cafe is an attempt to bring back that wonderful feeling of personally writing letters to someone.


About the Event – Letter Earthlings

The “Those In Need” team is bringing the Letter Earthlings Event to Delhi for the first time. According to their Facebook Page, here is what the event is all about:

Letter Earthlings is a project designed to spread love, kindness and happiness through hand-written letters. Those In Need team is really excited to bring Letter Earthlings event to New Delhi for the first time.

Join us at our letter writing circle on June 24th. We will provide you with all the stationary and you can also and bring along your material to make the letters more expressive 🙂

Here is how all of it works and how you can be part of the great cause:

1. We receive letter requests from individuals through our google form online, for their friends, family, colleagues or maybe even themselves.

You may wonder what the letter requests are. Well, they could be for multiple reasons. Maybe, a letter of love and encouragement to someone going through a tough time. Maybe, to remind someone of how awesome they are. Or even, to show someone that goodness still exists in this beautiful world.

2. We then come together during our monthly Letter Writing Circles and write letters to the requests received.

3. We beautifully wrap them and send these bundles of letters out to the recipient as an anonymous package via snail mail to spread some cheer!

~ And One fine day the recipient receives some pretty letters filled with love and compassion from different parts of the world 🙂

Come join us, write some old school snail mail and spread kindness!

Register to attend: https://goo.gl/04hmbe

Also you can send in a request through the form:

For partnership or collaboration please drop us an email on thegoodwilltribe.delhi@gmail.com


Event Venue, Time & Date

Venue: 119, Sishan House, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi, India 110049

Date: June 24th, 2017

Time: 5 PM – 8 PM

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