How to Be a Location Independent Entrepreneur and Ditch 9 to 5

This is the era of internet revolution. Internet has reached even the remotest parts of the world. Why are you still stuck in one city, one home, one office? You can ditch the regular and become a location independent entrepreneur or a digital nomad while building a million dollar company. Do you know, the company Automattic (parent company of WordPress) has no offices. All its employees are remote workers from different parts of the world. They have been able to go completely office-less. If such a huge company can do it, why can’t you?

Here are some tips & resources which will help you in becoming location independent entrepreneur:

Plan your destinations and costs beforehand. Travel to destinations where cost of living is cheaper.

The people who say, pick up your bagpack and just leave might not really want to work along with travel. If you want to work and co-ordinate with your team back at home, you should plan your trip extensively before leaving. There are several cheap flight booking websites like skyscanner which tell you which flight will be the cheapest and which month from your destination. You can use hostelworld, or airbnb to book a cheap accomodation. Avoid hotels because they’re so expensive they won’t let you last long at any place. A wise location independent entrepreneur would plan ahead for the trips so that there are no issues later.

Get freelance work or remote jobs to finance your trips

If you have not yet started up, or your startup doesn’t generate any revenues yet, get some freelance jobs. Upwork is a great website to find skilled jobs in tech, writing, design, sales, marketing etc. Another great website to find regular remote work is Competition is pretty high on Upwork, so there are many Upwork alternative freelance websites where you can score freelance jobs. You can also build your own startup while traveling ofcourse but if that’s not working out, these freelance websites will come to the rescue. In fact, several location independent entrepreneurs make money online and have built an empire only through freelance projects. You can also cash in your social media profiles and blogs to earn money on the go. Check out how to earn money from facebook, instagram and blogging here.

Do not rely on home Wifi internet speeds, book a coworking space before hand

Hotels, hostels, apartments might boast of wifi internet but they cannot be trusted for speeds especially in Asian countries. Coworking spaces are now present all over the world where you can book desks by the hour, week or month. Go through local coworking review websites and communities to know which ones will suit your requirement and book one beforehand so that work doesn’t hamper while traveling.

Invest in good battery banks & extra phone/laptop batteries

You never know while traveling when your phone battery runs out and you are scheduled to receive or send important emails to your clients. Always keep extra batteries or invest in a good quality battery bank and keep it charged for that emergency hour.

Here were some digital nomad traveling trips to help you take that leap and become a location independent entrepreneur.


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Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.