Hardware Startups Rejoice – Maker’s Asylum is Relaunching in Delhi

We won’t be wrong if we say there are very few makerspaces in the country. The infrastructure for IOT and Hardware startups in India is very scarce.  However, the existing makerspaces in the country are awesome. They are not just infrastructure providers, but also a tight knit community of hardware enthusiasts. Maker’s Asylum is one of the leading maker spaces in India. Their Delhi space is situated in Hauz Rani and was shut down for renovation. The good news is – Maker’s Asylum is relaunching in Delhi.

Maker’s Asylum Is Relaunching in Delhi with a Launch Event!

Maker’s Asylum is back in Delhi with a launch event. You can connect with the community at the awesome maker space at the launch.

About the Event (as per the Facebook Event for the Launch)

It’s been a long time since we connected. We know you missed Asylum and Asylum missed you guys too.Come be at Asylum on 5th August and experience the re-opening of our Delhi space.

Inviting everyone to meet up and grab a beer at the Asylum, Delhi.

Vaibhav (Founder) will also be part of this event and will be excited to meet you guys.

Entry: Free

Date: Saturday, 05/08/2017 

Location: Maker’s Asylum Delhi, 268G, Hauz Rani Delhi 110017



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