How to go about Marketing of a Coworking Space? Tips & Tricks

You have finally spent days and nights of hard work on building the Coworking Space of your dreams. It has also costed you a lot of money. Now, how would you market it? What are the ways that you MUST imply while the marketing of a Coworking Space? Keep reading below for some inexpensive and lean Tips & tricks to market a Coworking Space below:

1. Offline Marketing in the Neighbourhood

Most of the Entrepreneurs who have digital backgrounds forget the importance of this one. It is important to have standees, distribute flyers, hand out pamphlets in a radius of 5 miles around the location of your Coworking Space. Especially target Train stations/metro stations, around Real Estate Shops and Coffee shops. You can tie-up with shop owners for standees or have a BTL Agency distribute flyers. This is much cheaper than buying a full roadside banner and also very effective.


2. Pre Launch Offers & Launch Event

It is important to start marketing your Coworking space prior to its launch. You can start pushing out Pre Launch offers and discounts. This can be done using social media, existing personal networks and advertisements. One should essentially start building a community before launching the space and invite everyone to the Launch Event.


3. Facebook Advertising – Local Business Ad and Call to Action Ad

Facebook has several advertising options for businesses. With so many available options, it might get perplexing to find out which advertisement will suit your coworking space. Generally, a Local Business Advertisement and a Call to Action Advertisement work wonders for marketing of a Coworking Space. In the call to action advertisement you can directly enter the phone number so that viewers can directly call instead of redirecting them to the website. According to Sanjib Saha, Founder of, a digital marketing company in Bangalore – CTA ads give the best ROI if you are looking to get calls & offline visits. Give an easy to remember phone number on the ads and people are highly likely to call directly to enquire.


4. Build a Community

Building a community is one of the most important aspects of marketing of a coworking space. Essentially, Coworking is a community based business and thus having a startup community around you is of importance. Building a community is at the core of starting a Coworking Space. You can start building a startup community online and then take that ahead offline with your Coworking Space.


5. List your Space on all Listing Platforms

Listing your space on several listing and local classified platforms will not only increase avenues for sales but also provide you with better SEO and link building opportunities. Make sure to list on Booking platforms, Classified platforms and also on publications etc.



Wish you luck for your Coworking Space!

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.