Micromax Founder Rahul Sharma Age, Achievements & Net Worth

Rahul Sharma is the co-founder of the mobile giant, Micromax, and also the Chief Executive Officer of Micromax Informatics. He possesses two undergraduate degrees; Mechanical Engineering from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, and Bachelors in Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Rahul Sharma is married to the very popular Bollywood Actress, Asin. Keep reading to check out Micromax Founder Rahul Sharma Age, achievements and net worth.

rahul sharma age

Rahul Sharma’s Tough Journey of Building Micromax

Rahul Sharma started Micromax in the year 2000 with his three friends Sumeet Arora, Vikas Jain and Rajesh Aggarwal.

All this started when his father gifted him a computer in the late 90s. He got so much impressed by the technology that he decided to pursue his career in the same field. The concepts used and the logics applied behind every new innovation really pleased him a lot.

Micromax evolved a number of times for the initial seven years. It was an IT software company that distributed Nokia phones. But, Rahul’s idea of making cheap phones that had a long lasting battery life really worked in the real world and became the reason for the success of Micromax. Rahul Sharma is considered to be the driving force behind Micromax. Also, His intelligence and creativity has brought the company at the top position.

Rahul Sharma Age

Rahul Sharma age is 41 years currently. Although, Micromax founder still looks young and energetic while representing new generation of entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and unstoppable hustle. 


rahul sharma age and achievements

Rahul Sharma’s true source of inspiration is his father. According to him, it is his father who guided Rahul to work with full sincerity, honesty and dedication. Rahul gives complete credit to his father for the success that he has achieved today.

Rahul Sharma is considered to be a great marketing architect. Furthermore, He has a strong background in technology marketing and product goods which really turned out to be beneficial for him.

Apart from his main business, Rahul Sharma also has a keen interest in launching new products and introducing brands. He has extensive knowledge regarding the same.

Rahul Sharma is a very good friend of the famous Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar was the first brand ambassador of Micromax and his wife Twinke Khanna had played the role of an angel in Rahul’s love story.

Awards and Achievements

He has received many awards for his remarkable performance. In the year 2010, he won The Forbes Person of the Year Award. Furthermore, in the year 2013, he was awarded with GQ Man of the Year (Excellence in Business) award. In 2014, Rahul Sharma was listed in the Fortune Magazine’s Global Power List and also in the same year he was honored in the Fortune’s ’40 under 40’ List.

Also, Micromax was listed as the “Emerging Company of the Year 2011” according to India’s leading telecom magazine; Voice and Data.

All these achievements are a clear outcome of the hard work and efforts put in by Rahul Sharma in his work.

“Other people want to go to the golf course, and I come to the office, this is where I have fun”, says Rahul Sharma. 

Even after achieving so much, Rahul did not bring any change in his attitude towards his employees and other people who are close to him. Furthermore, he has an amazing quality of being calm and composed even at the toughest times. Rahul very well knows how to handle difficult situations without losing temper. This quality of him has always helped him to benefit a lot.

Rahul Sharma is a great source of inspiration for each and every individual. He followed his dreams keeping aside all the hurdles and obstacles that came his way.

Most important, the nation is proud to have such a huge personality!

Here is some inspiration from Rahul Sharma himself

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