Locate Public Toilets Now On Google Maps; NDMC launches Smart Toilets with Atm’s and Solar Panels

Were you ever in a situation where mother nature urgently calls for a visit to the loo and you have a difficult time in the scorching hot weather of Delhi asking the local people or looking around for sign boards to relieve yourself? Not anymore, your problems have all come to an end, now if you are in Delhi- NCR and in need of a toilet, all you need to do is open Google Maps and search for the nearest toilet. NDMC launches Smart Toilets with ATMs and solar panels.

Locate Public Toilet now on Google Maps; NDMC launches Smart Toilets with Solar Panels and ATM's

Google Geotag 5000 Toilets in Delhi- NCR

Google and New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) have joined forces and geotag 5000 public toilets in New Delhi. Any user with the Google Maps can locate the nearest toilet easily at their convenience anywhere within New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.

NDMC has also launched “Toilet locator awareness campaign” as part of the initiative where 5000+ public toilets at railway stations, public toilets and petrol pumps etc has been geotagged and added to the data base.

The contest for the cleanest toilet will run Starting from the 12th of July to 11th August and the cleanest toilet will be rewarded. 333 toilets directly supervised by the NDMC has also been geotagged by the Google Maps and are available on the search  options.

NDMC launches new app NDMC 311, which enables you to access ‘Smart Toilet’ and various civic services

According to Naresh Kumar NDMC chairperson, such smart toilets will be powered with rooftop solar panels, vending machines, ATM’s, sanitary napkins and more services. At the moment 109 such smart toilets are being constructed by NDMC across Delhi- NCR. They are making an attempt to convert toilets into a resource hub for passengers, travellers and the general public.