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Connaught Place, the premium location of Delhi is also home to several coworking spaces and cafes. Along with that, you can also find several coworking cafes in Connaught Place Delhi. This culture is actually for those who want to work from a cafe environment and don’t mind a little noise here and there. Working from a coworking cafe in Delhi has its own perks though. You can go from work to party in just a few moments. We reviewed one such Coworking Cafe in Connaught Place – Office Office CP. The space is located on the Tolstoy lane. It has been designed to be a cool work space and cafe where you can chill and work!

office office cp connaught place


Office Office CP Coworking Cafe

The space is divided into tables, apt for 4, 6 and also has long tables. The terrace space is really good and you can click away on your laptop all day from there! Office Office CP is a great place to be for that quirk and spice in your work life. They also keep doing events for startups during the day. They also organise DJ nights on weekends.

Office office cp coworking cafe


Location of Office Office CP

The coworking cafe is located very close to Janpath and Rajiv chowk metro stations of Delhi metro. The space can be found easily with the help of google maps. The proximity to metro stations and the fact that it is within Delhi works in its favor.


officeoffice cp wall



Pros: Central location, huge space, cool infrastructure and great support staff

Cons: Located in a cafe, might not suit everyone’s choice. Unavailable for working on weekends.

OfficeOffice CP Prices: You can refer to their Food/Bar Menu on Zomato here.

No staff was able to provide us with the membership charges of the coworking. We will get in touch with them again and update you on the same.

Office Office CP Contact details


Contact number: 91-98735 51334


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