Offices Redefined: Transitioning Towards Future Ready Workspaces

So, you run a business, that’s great! After all, not all of us are meant to make the dreams of others come true. Running a business is like running your own world. You make the rules, find the right team, empower them and try to keep them energetic, happy and productive. Once all this is achieved, you see your world progressing amidst the sound of clacking keyboards, clicking mice and energetic people discussing your next big business move. You even try to make the work environment as people-friendly as possible – be it gaming areas, cafeterias and breakout zones, your world is fully equipped to house your second family. Now you tend to relax a little, after all, your new world is happy; at least you believe that it is. Well, as it turns out, things aren’t as rosy as they seem upfront.

Is it Worth your Own time to Maintain a Work Space?

You hire operational and technical support staff to manage things for you, but you still feel that there’s a lot more you can do to have a productive workspace. You need a formal reception area, a receptionist to welcome your guests, a travel desk to support your frequent commutes, ancillary staff for your on-ground needs, and suddenly you’re not relaxed any more, rather you are exhausted.

Why not work in Future Ready Flexible Office Spaces?

What if you have someone else to do all of the aforesaid so that you can focus again on things that matter the most to you – your business, of course! Welcome the concept of co-working, which has catapulted itself into the prime league and has captured the fancies of thousands of business owners across geographies. Gone are the days when sharing a workspace came along with an excessive baggage of commotion from the co-occupants. Today, it means the ability to network, share ideas, have fun at work, sans micromanaging all the operations.

Evolving the concept of co-working is smartworks. It isn’t just about finding a stripped-down alternative for your otherwise dearer office, rather, it’s a place which can completely be customized to suit your requirements, enables you to share resources, skills and knowledge, and above all, helps you focus on running your business. All of this is well supplemented by the very sought after community events, which are conceptualized to kill your stress and rejuvenate you. Now you can actually relax a little, as smartworks’ state-of-the-art technology manages your visitors, books meetings and conference rooms, and ensures that your new world is not only happy but productive too.

As Neetish Sarda, the founder of smartworks aptly puts, “Customizability is one of the key components which deters people from opting out of their mundane offices, even if those spaces do not completely support growth. At smartworks, we have upped the ante` by redefining personalization. We believe in letting members tailor their own office spaces”.

Smartworks is merging the best of all worlds together onto one platform. The horizon is making a sure-footed change and the concept of office spaces is transitioning towards being better attuned with the future. With an increasing number of people opting for these modern takes on conventional offices, the prospects for co-working definitely look bright.

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.