Roots Nehru Place – A Coworking Space & Incubator in New Delhi

Delhi is one of the most hottest cities in India which is witnessing the startup revolution. Entrepreneurs are sprouting up from every corner in the city and hustling hard to grab their dreams. With this impressive growth in number of startups, the city needs a restructured solution to its infrastructure problems. Entrepreneurs are leaving their traditional cubicle offices to open and collaborative workspaces. In this article, we are going to introduce you to one such amazing coworking space & incubator in New Delhi – Roots. Located in Nehru Place, Roots offers a spacious, inspiring and naturally beautiful workspace for teams, freelancers and individuals. Roots Nehru Place not only provides you a coworking space but also a full-fledged community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and service providers.


Roots nehru place

Roots nehru place

“From working to hang out, we do it together, at one place.”

Roots nehru place

Most important, Roots Nehru Place is situated at a prominent location which easily accessible from public or private mode of transportation. From the outside, the coworking space is surrounded with lots of greenery and from the inside, it has got a creative blend of vintage and modern interiors offering a perfect ambience to get started. Lets check out the facilities and services offered by them.

Services offered by Roots Nehru Place

The coworking cum incubation hub takes care of every basic need of its members with fully-furnished and loaded-with-amenities infrastructure.

  1. 24×7 access to Air-conditioned, spacious and comfortable ecosystem.
  2. Most important, high speed leased line wifi facility for coworkers
  3. Fully equipped conference and meeting rooms
  4. Break out zones to relax and chill
  5. Coffee and kitchen facility for coworkers
  6. Printing and scanning facility within the space
  7. Fully furnished and Comfortable workstations
  8. The coworking space is easily accessible (few minutes walk from Nehru Place Metro Station)
  9. Opportunity to connect with various investors, mentors, entrepreneurs and service providers
  10. Unlimited benefits of an incubation hub including free advice, mentorship and connections.



With so much amenities and facilities, the coworking space offers quite affordable and flexible packages for individuals and teams.

  • A shared desk for individuals will cost you – INR 5,500 /- (preferable for freelancers and solopreneurs).
  • If you have a small team with 4-5 members, you can get dedicated desks in INR 20,000 (preferable for startups and small companies).
  • If you have a small teams with high burn rate, you can directly get in touch with Roots Nehru Place for the best options


Getting in touch

  • Physical address of the coworking space is – Roots Hacker Home R 28 Nehru Enclave, New Delhi.
  • You can get in touch with Roots Nehru Place at +91 99904 89300​⁠​
  • To learn more, you can also check out their website.


Miscellaneous Information

Most important, Roots offers a collaborative ecosystem for entrepreneurs to help each other. This way, coworkers get to achieve success while understanding the importance of sharing ideas. Furthermore, they have weekly jamming sessions where members come together, discuss and hack while having a beer or wine.




Rutavi Bhatia

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