Killer Tips to Score More Projects on Elance India (Now Upwork)

I am among some of those people who joined Elance and Odesk back in the year 2011. I made these freelancing accounts during those years and scored hundreds of freelance jobs. There were thousands if not millions of Indians bidding on several projects on both Elance and Odesk. I also made several friends through those portals who helped me with tips to score more projects on the freelancing websites. So, here’s all the tips to score more projects on Elance India (now Upwork):

1. Do not Hesitate to Add Samples on your Profile

One of the most important advice is to add as many portfolio samples as you can on your freelancer profile on Elance. More the number of samples, more chances of clients viewing them and hiring you. If you are applying for multiple fields of jobs, you can add multiple samples like writeups, design samples, logos, videos etc.


2. Write Personalised Application to Jobs

When you start bidding/applying to jobs on Elance India, then do keep in mind to keep the content engaging and personal. If you do not even read the job description properly and simply copy paste the same text everywhere. Don’t commit that mistake every time. Read the job posting properly and then apply according to the requirements. Start the application by addressing the client with his/her first/last name and then start your pitch.


3. Competition is high and thus Conversion Rates might be Low – Be Prepared

The audience on Elance India is growing very rapidly. There are millions of people applying to jobs on Elance, Odesk (Now Upwork). So you must be prepared to combat the competition and not get discouraged. Keep your application attractive with a lot of sample links. Due to high competition the conversion rates have fallen over the years. Thus if you apply to 20 jobs, maybe you will get replies only from 4 or 5 prospective clients and might be able to get to work with 2 or 3. Thus you need to keep a high morale and do not give up.


4. Be Willing to Provide a Customised Sample

I have seen a lot of hesitation among new freelancers towards providing samples. Especially if you are a new freelancer, you would need the client to trust you. In fact due to the high competition, people might not even respond to your application if you do not have a high number of previous work in your kitty. Thus, you can always prominently offer in your proposal that you will provide a free sample. This will make you appear as a professional in true sense and will land you a better chance.


5. Respond Promptly

I have observed this in my past experience that whenever I responded fast, the client used to work with me as compared to delayed responses. If you respond to client queries in a swift manner, they will think that you are diligent. It will help you in scoring more clients.


6. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Maintaining a 5 star profile is of utmost important. If you are new to the portal, start doing tasks for cheap. You might write an article for $2 or do a design for $5. Complete the task professionally and ask the client for a good 5 star review. Maintaining a high star review profile is the most important factor through which clients will hire you. Don’t hesitate to work on smaller jobs for lower budgets in the beginning, just so that you can have enough 5 star reviews on your profile.


Here were some tips to get more jobs on Elance India (Now Upwork). If you are looking for freelance work online, do check out our post on Upwork Alternative websites where you can score even more jobs! We also have an elaborate article on How to Delete your Upwork account here.

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Gaurav Bisht

Blogger by profession and a writer by heart. I work from a coworking space and love writing about Coworking Industry in Coworking India Magazine